Death of Queen Elizabeth: The grim truth about the feud between William and Harry

Last weekend, when a black Audi pulled up atop Windsor Castle’s Long Walk, a scene unfolded that had previously been absolutely and utterly unthinkable: William and Kate, Prince

and the Princess of Wales (I’m still not used to typing this) and Harry and Meghan, Duke

and the Duchess of Sussex.

Together. In public. Walking side by side.

It was an extraordinary and unexpected moment, and even before the car doors were completely closed, there seemed to be a lot of breathless speculation about reconciliation, about healing and olive branches and a bunch of other clichés.

However, a week has passed, and the real picture is beginning to clear up. If there are any optimistic souls left who are always hoping that the brothers’ Arctic fun may have begun to fade as they got together to honor their grandmother, then click through to this story now.

The reality, according to reports from London over the past 24 hours, suggests that any scenario of a long and happy life is indeed out of the question.

Take that walk last weekend which took place after the Prince of Wales invited the Sussexes to join them at eleven o’clock. The image was powerful, two brothers coming together in a moment of grief, but don’t confuse this with some big shift.

“Joint performances require effort,” said a friend of the brothers. onceRoyal Editor Roya Nikha.

“There was an understanding that “we need to show solidarity”, and not just “we need to do this, because it is our duty.” But I don’t think it goes much further than that. There have been awkward moments this week. I definitely don’t feel any deeper meaningful rapprochement or feeling that this is it, something will get better.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Harry told once that while “everyone is trying their best”, being together was “uncomfortable” and “difficult” for the king’s sons.

Hardly a big surprise, right?

It likely isn’t helped by how vigorously it was said that the walk around Wales and Sussex was entirely William’s doing in what appeared to be a concerted effort to secure a PR win as the bigger man and family peacemaker.

Allegedly, time heals all wounds, but no one has told the various branches of the House of Windsor about it.

Just a mere 18 months ago, Harry and Meghan were busy making explosive statements about palace racism and cruelty, while drop-jawed TV presenter Oprah Winfrey dropped an incredulous “waaah…” from time to time.

So are we, Oprah, so are we.

Since then, Harry and Meghan have doubled, tripled and quadrupled their efforts against the Firm in numerous interviews, with the Duchess speaking just a few weeks ago. slice, “just by our existence, we disrupted the dynamics of the hierarchy.” (This line hasn’t grown old, has it?)

For its part, Buckingham Palace maintained its tough stance, not commenting, and was completely unable to meaningfully respond to the couple’s rather harsh statements.

With all these accusations ringing in the ears of the royal family, is it any wonder that hugs don’t sound like they’re being handed out willy-nilly between warm mugs of hot chocolate?

This was announced by a source close to Wales. Telegraph“They feel that Oprah has crossed a line and that someone needs to acknowledge the motives behind it and the pain it caused. They feel like they had to be determined to send the message that you can’t just say these extremely upsetting things without repercussions.”

Although the two couples have seen more of each other in the past ten days than in years, and are united by a desire to put on a good show to put the spotlight on their beloved “grandmother”, by all accounts, all that intimacy hasn’t happened. , translated into any deep and meaningful conversations.

“It is very difficult to spend time with someone or even speak openly when you know that they are writing a book about you and giving interviews. There is no trust now,” the insider said. Telegraph.

And here we get to the heart of things, not just what Harry and Meghan have said, but what else they have to say, especially as the commercial pressure could start to build up.

Put some sinister music in here.

There are “serious” concerns within the royal family, the source said. Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes, about what Harry may have been preparing to tell about King Charles at the very beginning of his reign, and that while brick bats from the duchess can be easily dealt with, an attack from the duke would be much more dangerous.

This was told by a friend of both brothers. once: “We know that there will be other things in the future that will cause a lot of damage.”

According to Nikki, “there is fear in royal circles that their interview with Winfrey could be an appetizer for a heartier main course of new revelations in Harry’s book”, but a source in Sussex told her that the autobiography would be “not as vilifying” as it should have been. expect.

But even the less “denigrating” revelation is still the sword of Damocles hanging over this already certainly emotional period for everyone involved.

The chaotic, isolated rushes made by William and Harry to Scotland to try to see their grandmother before she passed away, and the lonely, lonely figure of Harry returning to London the next day, didn’t so much talk as scream about how on the outs he was. with your family.

While the popularity of the Sussexes in the UK has declined since they detonated Megzit’s IED, it should be noted that they have clearly been on their best behavior. The publication of Harry’s memoir has reportedly been delayed until next year and Meghan’s appearance on the cover of the industry’s bible. Diversity was postponed along with performances on Diversity event and evening show with Jimmy Fallon.

Consider also the chatter about whether or not he would be allowed to wear a uniform as the duke stood next to his cousins ​​around Her Majesty’s coffin. According to Telegraphthe couple “decided not to make a fuss” over the initial decision, for which he would not be given permission, only for the more cold-hearted at the Palace to prevail, and Charles intervened to allow Harry to wear his blues and royal rag.

(However, Harry was ‘devastated’ to find that the day he received his Buckingham Palace uniform, his grandmother’s ER initials had been ripped off the shoulder.) once reported).

In the end, how are things? The same seems to be the general opinion.

“In fact, nothing has changed. It is expected that when the mourning period is over, Harry and Meghan will return to California, he will publish his book, and the local family will be left to collect the pieces, ”said a family friend of the brothers. The beast.

However, among all this there is one green sprout. Thursday was Harry’s birthday, the second time in his life that his day had been marred by grief and loss. (He turned 13 less than two weeks after the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales). once recounted that William was heading home to Adelaide Cottage after a day’s pickup when his car met the Sussexes’ on the road and “the brothers drove past each other, but then stopped, turned around, rolled down the windows and chatted for a while.” “.

And there it is: chat.

It’s not much, but hey, it’s something. I bet Her Majesty would be pleased.

Daniela Elzer is a writer and royal expert with over 15 years of experience working with some of the leading Australian media.

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