Death of the Queen: What Happens to the Queen’s Corgi?

Amid all the grief over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we must not forget her beloved corgis, who will spend their first night without their mother today.

The four dogs of the 96-year-old British Monarchy, including her oldest four-legged friend Candy, who has been by Her Majesty’s side for 13 years, will not be passed on news of her passing. They do not understand the programs that saturate television screens around the world. They will not know that the thousands of people gathered outside their home feel the loss along with them. But even if they understood the fanfare, it wouldn’t matter, because every dog ​​owner knows they wouldn’t care about the dog’s height.

In the famous words of Owen Wilson’s character Marley and me: “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, smart or stupid, smart or stupid. Give him your heart and he will give you his,” and perhaps no one has felt that feeling more deeply than the Queen, who left behind her dorgi Candy, two corgis, Muick and Sandy, and a new Cocker Spaniel puppy, Lissy, who joined her. royal family earlier this year.

A dog lover since childhood, the Queen’s fascination with pets (corgis are known) began at the age of seven when a family friend first introduced her to a corgi, and at 18 she was given her first corgi, Susan.

The Queen loved Susan so much that she was said to have smuggled her furry friend under the rug in the royal carriage on her honeymoon with Prince Philip in 1947.

It is estimated that she had over 30 dogs over the years, most of which were descendants of Susan, who often traveled with the monarch on her plane and attended Her Majesty’s meetings with world leaders.

They were certainly spoiled, they had their own special room at Buckingham Palace, called the “Corgi Room”, where they were looked after by two footmen named “Doggy 1” and “Doggy 2”, and the Queen walked them twice a day.

As she got older, the Queen stopped breeding dogs because she “didn’t want to leave any young dogs behind,” she reportedly told a horse trainer in 2015.

But during the pandemic in early 2021, when it became clear that her husband Philippe was living his last days, she was given Muick the corgi and Fergus the dorgi. Fergus unfortunately died three months later.

In June 2021, when Philip would have turned 100, Prince Andrew gifted his mother Sandy the Corgi, bringing her number of dogs to four.

“She loves animals and absolutely adores dogs. She always did that, they were her first love and will be her last,” said royal biographer Ingrid Seward. Newsweek.

Her Majesty’s personal adviser and curator Angela Kelly, who spent much of her time at Windsor Castle with the Queen, recently revealed just how involved dogs were in the Queen’s life.

In his 2022 book The other side of the coin, Queen, chest of drawers and wardrobeKelly told how pets “always made everyone smile.”

“I was afraid that they would fall under the feet of the queen, but they turned out to be a real find. They are beautiful and very funny, and the Queen often takes long walks with them in Home Park, ”she wrote.

As for who will now take care of them, author Penny Junor previously suggested that the dogs are mostly cared for by the Queen’s staff.

“The care of the dogs was sometimes entrusted to footmen, but mostly to the trusted dressmaker, assistant and right hand of the Queen, Angela Kelly; and her equally dependable pageboy over the years, Paul Weibrew, who was seen walking the queen and dogs in a James Bond spoof,” she wrote in her 2018 book: All royal corgis.

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