Death of the Queen: William and Kate’s new life as Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Andrew stayed away

According to royal reporters, Prince William and Princess Kate are ready to bring fresh ideas to The Firm.

For the first time in over 60 years, Britain has a new Prince and Princess of Wales, as King Charles III announced in his first address.

Prince William, the new heir to the throne after the Queen’s death at the age of 96, has a clear plan for how he will approach his role, according to Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English.

According to sources, the future king will highlight his passion for mental health awareness, support for the homeless and advocacy for climate change action, while remaining “very practical” and wanting to be defined with a “sense of optimism.”

He will also try to help his father contain the recent scandals in the royal family – no longer obsessing over his feud with Prince Harry and making sure the disgraced Prince Andrew doesn’t succeed in his hopes of a comeback.

William will not allow Prince Andrew to act

William is definitely not going to let Prince Andrew return to his duties, despite his clear desire to return to royal life.

The disgraced Duke, 62, was somewhat protected by his mother until her passing, with reports that Charles and William lobbied the Queen to ensure he stayed out of the public eye.

“Honestly, he would have insisted that things happen much faster than they happened, as (King Charles) would if they could act freely. But things were difficult with the queen and her son,” the source said. now reports the Daily Mail.

In July, it was reported that Andrew asked Queen Elizabeth II to return his patronage and the title of His Royal Highness before her death.

He lost his titles in a very devastating alleged sexual assault case brought against him by 38-year-old Virginia Giuffre, which resulted in a multi-million dollar payout believed to have come in part from the Queen, in February.

Andrew made a brief return to royal life on March 29, 2022, when he accompanied his mother to Westminster Abbey for a thanksgiving service for the life of his father, Prince Philip.

The Duke of York was reportedly “confident” that he could return with the Queen at his side. Charles and William will now be only too aware of the public backlash and the damage to the monarchy if he is ever invited back for seniority.

In the devoted footsteps of the Queen

Insiders say William, who only recently appeared in flashbacks during a rowdy party with his now wife Kate, is entering the role with a renewed sense of duty following the death of his devoted grandmother.

“The Duke was incredibly close to his grandmother, he looked up to her like no other,” they told the Daily Mail.

“And this service and duty that she represented will in many ways be characteristic of his future role.”

Another source said: “The gears have been in place for a long time, but his head is now in the right place too… A couple of years ago, I think it’s fair to say he wouldn’t have been ready. Now he”.

The source added that while his widely publicized feud with Prince Harry was once a major concern and “a lot of time, energy and emotion has been spent on his brother” since 2019, he is now focused on his career. as a working senior royal. While “painful,” the source added, he is “thinking about the future.”

William will focus on the Earthshot Prize

In particular, William has spent time carefully “preparing” his philanthropic empire, the Royal Trust, ahead of his new appointment, to ensure that his flagship climate change project, the Earthshot Prize, can operate independently without his scrupulous involvement.

“He believes that as Prince of Wales he can continue to make a significant contribution, especially in the areas of housing and the homeless,” said a friend of the 40-year-old.

“He knows he needs to tread carefully, but he will not be silent. He inherited his father’s campaign zeal.

“He shares his father’s willingness to speak up if there is something he believes in long term. The Prince of Wales has been ridiculed for his views on climate change and look at him now. William wants to bring that into his work,” they said, adding that while the royal doesn’t want to “make controversy,” he “isn’t afraid to take risks.”

Another friend told the Daily Mail that William and Kate will bring a “sense of optimism” to their roles.

“(William) believes that this is the essence of the work of the royal family. He and Katherine both find that there isn’t much optimism in social life and she can be quite dreary at times.

“There are incredible people in our country who are doing amazing things, and they think it’s their job to counter pessimism and highlight the good.”

Kate compared to Princess Diana

Kate’s title of Princess of Wales is used for the first time since the death of William’s mother Diana in 1997. This is the title that Camilla chose not to use due to his popular association with Diana.

However, Kate, according to sources, “wants to create her own path.”

“The new Princess of Wales appreciates the history behind this role, but understandably wants to look to the future, forging her own path.”

The two women are very similar in their approach to royal life.

Like Diana, Kate is popular with the public, bringing a natural informality to royal events, such as sitting on the floor to chat with children and hug fans.

Kate, as Princess of Wales, will continue to focus on issues like early learning and mental health, just like her husband.

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