Denise Van Auten gave a “revealing interview” a few days before the breakup with fiancé Eddie Boxhall became known

DENISE Van Auten sat down for a “revealing interview” that may have hinted at tension in the relationship just days before her split from Eddie Boxhall.

The former Big Breakfast presenter quipped that she would rather “figure out her garden” than marry stockbroker Eddie.


Denise gave an eloquent interview about her wedding before parting ways with Eddie.1 credit
Denise and Eddie were scheduled to get married this year.


Denise and Eddie were scheduled to get married this year.1 credit

Denise, 47, told The Mirror that in a chat posted earlier this month, she made it her mission to clean up the courtyard of her Essex home ahead of her wedding day.

She said, “We weren’t really focused on organizing the wedding because we were trying to finish the house and do everything needed, like a new patio.”

“Besides, you can’t plan anything at the moment, so there is no need to rush anything,” the star concluded, confirming that they “will not have children.”

“Young people are planning weddings because they want to break off and start a family, but this will not happen. It doesn’t look like we have any more children. “

The interview took place shortly before Denise revealed that she left her fiancé after learning that he had phone sex and was dating other women.

The devastated singer asked Eddie Boxhall to leave the house, where they can be seen regularly on Channel 4’s Celebrity Gogglebox.

The source said, “This is the very last thing she expected. She thought it was forever, but while she was at work, he sat at her house, betraying her trust. “

Denise had planned to tie the knot with Eddie this year.

But she asked him to leave their house after she discovered that he had been exchanging obscene messages and calls with women he had met online and was dating another for secret dates.

A source close to the couple, who have lived together for seven years, said: “Denise is both fiercely angry and utterly heartbroken. This is the very last thing she expected after being so happy with Eddie.

“She thought it was forever. But while she was at work, he sat at her house, betraying her trust. “

The source said the devastated Denise, mother of Betsy’s daughter, 11, from her marriage to Lee Mead, sees no future with Eddie, who has two grown children from a previous relationship.

They continued, “Their families are close and they get along well with each other’s children. But trust is completely eroded, and she just doesn’t see a way back for their relationship.

“Eddie moved to stay with a friend nearby, and he has already confessed to some of them after being forced to provide some answers. But Denise is determined to move on.

“She is angry and upset, but she has always worked hard to support herself and stand on her own two feet, so this is something she is determined to do again.”


Denise first began to suspect 47-year-old Eddie of cheating when rumors began to circulate in the industry about his intimacy with other women.

After Kristen Bell Tattoos asked about the allegations, she confronted him and was shocked to learn of his full behavior.

The friend added, “She first found out there was messaging online, which of course upset her and she ran into him, although there might be a way forward.

“But when she dug a little deeper, she discovered that there was more to come, including going to London to meet someone else.

“So it was too much to fix and gloss over. This is a big shame. She feels that she has always been very loyal and supportive of Eddie, but in return she was fiercely betrayed. “

Denise asked Eddie – the father of Jordan’s 25-year-old son and Leah’s 22-year-old – to leave their Essex home two months ago.

A spokesperson said of her difficult several months: “Denise is understandably upset by the news, but she remains optimistic about the future.

“Her priority is caring for her daughter and continuing to work on many exciting projects that she will have this year.”

Denise discovered that her ex-fiance corresponded with other women


Denise discovered that her ex-fiance corresponded with other womenCredit: Social Media – See Source
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