Denise Van Auten says that the footballer sent her a love note, since she is seen for the first time since breaking up with Eddie Boxhall.

DENISE Van Auten made a brave face when she first appeared on television after announcing her separation from fiancé Eddie Boxhall.

The actress appeared on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch on Monday, just days after confirming the shocking breakup on social media.


Denise was a guest at Steph’s packed lunch Monday morning.1 credit
Denise confirmed that she and Eddie had broken up.


Denise confirmed that she and Eddie had broken up.Credit: vanouten_denise / instagram

Denise, 47, took to Instagram to confirm the news that she and her fiancé, Celebrity Gogglebox’s co-star, have split up after seven years of marriage.

Kristen Bell Tattoos spoke exclusively about how the star dumped him after she discovered he was having phone sex and dating other women.

Today Denise wasted no time talking about her personal life, discussing a romantic experience from her past with a famous football player.

She told Channel 4 viewers that she once received a flirty note from a “very, very famous” soccer ace just minutes before they went on TV together.

This happened as the show’s host Steph McGovern explored her guests’ past romances, discussing the various “bizarre ways” they were asked out on dates.

“Years ago, when I was doing a BBC show, I got a letter at my door — a very, very famous footballer slipped a note under my locker room door,” Denise said.

“Just before we went live – I can’t tell who it was,” she continued when 39-year-old Steph began to speculate that it could be David Beckham or John Terry.

“He was single at the time, which is unusual for a footballer. He had a very beautiful handwriting. It was a rather long letter, but I already met someone, ”added Denise.

“I had to go on TV with him and it was very embarrassing. We sat there, and he kept walking towards me … ”she said, raising her eyebrows meaningfully.

Last week Denise She confirmed her breakup with 47-year-old fiancé Eddie in an emotional Instagram post when she shared a snapshot of her walking her dogs.

Denise wrote: “Over the past couple of months, there have been many rumors about my relationship with Eddie.

“It saddens me to realize that we are no longer a couple. I had to make the difficult decision not to continue our relationship.

“I will always cherish the good moments we spent together and the memories.”

She concluded by saying, “We ask that you respect our privacy at this time, especially our children.”

Denise is the mother of daughter Betsy, 11 years old, from her marriage to singer Lee Mead, and Eddie has two adult children from a previous relationship.

Denise was planning to tie the knot with her fiancé this year.

However, two months ago, she asked Eddie – the father of Jordan’s 25-year-old son and Leah’s 22-year-old – to leave their Essex home.

Kristen Bell Tattoos reported tonight that she asked him to leave their home after discovering that he was exchanging obscene messages and calls with women he met online.

A source close to the couple, who have lived together for seven years, said: “Denise is both fiercely angry and utterly heartbroken. This is the very last thing she expected after being so happy with Eddie.

“She thought it was forever. But while she was at work, he sat at her house, betraying her trust. “

Denise told her Instagram fans that the couple broke up when she asked to do so. "Confidentiality"


Denise told her Instagram fans that the couple broke up when she asked for “privacy.”
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