Depp Heard Trial: Amber Criticized as ‘Sociopathic Show Pony’

One of Johnny Depp’s closest friends lashed out at his ex Amber Heard, claiming the couple’s split as their $100 million defamation lawsuit continues.

One of Johnny Depp’s closest friends believes that Amber Heard is a “sociopath show pony” who is hell-bent on destroying the star.


Gina Deuters, wife of Depp’s longtime business partner and aide Stephen Deuters, was front row in the actor’s tumultuous 15-month marriage to Heard and claims he is the real victim in their ongoing legal battle.

In her only interview since she was forced to leave the witness stand, Deiters spoke exclusivelyPage six which, in her opinion, Heard excels at drama.

“There was one thing that Amber said at the wedding. She sort of leaned over to me and said, “Do you and Steven ever fight?” I said, “Sometimes we fight,” and she’s like, “No, Gina, like really fighting?” And it was kind of unnerving. [I thought]“Do you like it?” recalls Deiters, who has known Depp for nearly 20 years.

“I think there’s a part of Amber that [believes] wrestling is a passion. That means there are sparks, fireworks [in the relationship]. [Amber] this is someone who is always used to getting what he wants. She has every right to, and I think she made big demands in their divorce.”

Echoing Depp’s claims at the trial, Deiters said: “When [Amber] when I was denied these demands, I feel like she said, “I won’t get what I want, so I’m going to destroy you.”


Daters told us that her husband first called Heard a “sociopath pony from the show” after he unwittingly mediated Depp and Heard’s marriage during its last difficult days.

“My husband called her a show pony sociopath and he certainly doesn’t regret it,” she explained. “Stephen, after all, was literally the go-between… nobody else wanted to deal with Amber and Steven was the only person she could talk to.”


Depp, 58, is currently in court and is suing Hurd, 36, over a 2018 Washington Post article in which she identified herself as a victim of sexual assault. Although the actress didn’t mention Depp’s name in the article, the Pirates of the Caribbean star claims it tarnished his reputation and career.

Deiters recently came to Depp’s defense, but she was unable to give her entire testimony to a jury in Virginia because her testimony was excluded from the record.

She was ordered to leave court on April 14 after Heard’s journalist friend Eva Barlow intervened, and Deiters admitted to the judge that she had seen footage of the trial online.

Speaking with Page sixDeiters described Depp’s time with Heard as “not so much a relationship as an intrusion by Amber”.

“She immediately started moving her friends into his property,” she said. “It was pretty shocking how she ended up isolating him from family and friends… definitely felt like we lost him.”

Deiters told us that she initially found Heard “cold” and was taken aback by her behavior.

“When they first met, I would describe her as ‘The Stepford Wife’. She baked cookies and took off his shoes after work. It was all rather strange,” she recalls.

“Knowing that Amber was such a confident feminist, it was strange that she acted quite obsequiously, like a sweet little housewife. [But] it was all in the beginning – things will change pretty quickly.”

Back in 2015, Deiters and her husband helped arrange both weddings between Depp and Heard. The couple tied the knot at the home of Depp’s late mother Betty Sue in Los Angeles, followed by a ceremony on his private island in the Bahamas in 2015.

“[Amber was] absolutely in control… this whole wedding was rushed,” says Deiters. “It just happened so fast that, frankly, Johnny’s family wasn’t notified and some of them couldn’t get there in time.”

Of the event in the Bahamas, Deuters said it was “very much like” a takeover.

“It was Amber Heard’s party, not their wedding. I remember her father giving a speech and he kind of waved his hand around the neighborhood. [of the island], saying something like: “Look, honey, now it’s all yours,” she recalled. “My heart sank a little…were they more excited about all the wealth they were married to or was it out of love?”

“When you see a friend or loved one get into a relationship that you personally don’t think is healthy for them, it’s difficult because you can’t exactly stop it,” Deuters continued.

“Throughout the years it was quite heartbreaking to see him degrade physically and emotionally. Then at the very end he was very upset because of the breakup of his marriage. He suffered a lot because of it.”

Deiters insisted on Page six that she had never seen Depp act aggressively towards a woman, saying, “I was with him when he was drinking, doing drugs and smoking weed, and his behavior didn’t get nasty at all. I never saw him lose his temper.”

Calling the actor a “cherished friend,” she continued, “Of course, their relationship was volatile, but I know for a fact that Johnny wouldn’t hit a woman.

“I can sleep at night knowing that I support my friend. I am absolutely sure that he was a victim of domestic violence and deserves justice.”

In previous testimony, Hurd has vividly described the alleged abuse by Depp. The actress sobbed as she described everything from Depp’s alleged threats to kill her to “cavity searches” and various sexual harassments.

Heard is expected to reappear on Monday for cross-examination. A representative for the actress declined to comment.

Meanwhile, according to Deuters, Depp does not regret the trial.

“Yes, it’s like opening up old wounds. But the fight to clear his name is ultimately for his children, however painful and ugly it may be,” she explained. “He is here [in the UK] at the moment we saw him … and I can already see that the burden was removed from his shoulders after he testified.

She added: “Now I understand why he needed cameras; so that the public can hear him and others speak directly about their experiences. Finally, he felt that his voice was heard, and it means a lot to him.

This story originally appeared on Page six and reproduced with permission.

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