Despite being overpaid, the freebie-loving top manager comes in for an office check-up, sees some pizzas bought for the staff, and steals it all.

All people love free. It’s probably part of human nature, so even a very rich person is unlikely to turn down something for free. Even if by doing so, they offend other people who also hoped for a freebie – after all, they can buy everything well unlike others.

World history is well-known for examples of people on the Forbes list saving on toilet paper and eating in cheap cafes – and there are many such examples. Most likely, this is just some kind of psychological syndrome – but sometimes there are people who do it simply because of human loss.

For example, like a character In this story, which has been described in the Reddit Antiwork community, and has collected about 44.7K upvotes and about 2.4K comments in less than a day. People, of course, felt sorry for the original poster and his colleagues, and this situation is, unfortunately, quite common.

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The original poster works in an office that is inspected one day by a group of superiors.

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So, the OP works in the office of a large company that has many branches, and it so happened that a commission consisting of representatives from the top management came to his office. As the OP himself says, catching someone doing something wrong was just a routine check.

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The HR manager told all the employees that he bought pizza for them and left it in the break room.

The OP doesn’t say if anyone was caught – but it doesn’t matter. The fact is that while the boss was in the office, the HR manager told the employees that he had bought pizza for them for lunch from a local popular brand of pizzeria. In general, all the workers were waiting to be fed…

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When there was a lunch break, it was found that the district manager had just taken all the pizzas.

Imagine their dismay when, at lunch break, everyone rushes to the break room – and discovers that all the pizza boxes are gone! People started investigating – and found out that the district manager, before leaving the office, just went into the break room and took all the pizza with him! All four or five boxes!

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As the OP admitted, all the employees were just devastated. According to his own words, his work is quite difficult, and for most people, this pizza was the only joy of the day. And now he was deprived of that happiness. What’s more – missing a guy who makes around $250K a year, and who can afford as much pizza as he actually wants.

Commenters expressed their sympathy with the OP and pointed out that this type of behavior is common to most top managers.

Most people in the comments, of course, sympathized with the OP and her co-workers, and admitted that the district manager simply stole pizza from his employees. However, as some commentators write, such inappropriate behavior is, alas, usually confined to the upper classes.

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For example, top managers often order food for themselves in the break room when they come to the office for check-ups, leaving an incredible mess after dinner. However, they may never think that the cleaners are also employees of their company, leaving extra work for them.

We’re sure you have something to say about this story, and maybe you yourself have had to deal with something similar with your superiors. In any case, feel free to leave a comment – ​​as always, it’s greatly appreciated!

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