‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Star Sentenced to Prison After Pleading Guilty To Killing His Mom

Child star, Ryan Grantham, best known for playing Rodney. Diary of a Weak ChildConvicted after murdering his mother.

To many, this sentence is too mild.

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“Wtf? Why so little? He killed his mother!!!!” wrote one.

“The default should be first degree and parole a dream that will never happen,” added another.

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“His life should be punishment. Prison should be fun for him,” offered a third.

It is stated that the murder of Grantham’s mother was only the first step in his grand scheme.

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What he told the police after the brutal murder, gave chills to social media users.

One Facebook user wrote: “Oh dear god, what a cool way to kill your mother. There must have been some kind of hint that this is very wrong.

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Another outraged user wrote: “Well this young man ruined his life and what he did affected others. I say let him rot in jail and be someone’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Have no mercy.”

A third commented: “What? What is happening to young people around the world? There seems to be an epidemic where troubled and confused young people turn to guns as their solution. We have to fight it. “

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“Mental illness is indeed a serious problem. Anyone struggling should have the right to get help without judgment. However, he planned to kill his own mother. I don’t condone his actions due to depression. I refuse to do it. He is a murderer and deserves to be punished. What a fall from grace. Shot in the back of the head? RIP to his mother,” wrote a fourth.

Reports Suggest he wanted to kill his mother so she wouldn’t have to watch Trudeau try to kill him.

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“I was in a hurry and he was the only person I could think of, the most important person in Canada. Like, I could do something to make an impact,” Grantham said sheepishly. told At that time the police.

After murdering his mother in April 2020, Grantham planned to kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…

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The 24-year-old was suffering from clinical depression when he shot his mother in the head while she was playing the piano. free Reports

Disturbing details were shared in court, that Grantham had practiced killing his mother before shooting her…

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And even filmed the horrific scene as he pulled the trigger, clearly showing no remorse for his actions.

Despite killing his mother first, his main target was always Trudeau, as a cop found A journal with written evidence of his violent intentions.

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On the day he killed his mother, Grantham filled his car with ammunition, camping equipment, and a map to Trudeau’s Rideau Cottage residence.

However, the realization of what he had done the day before clearly began during the drive.

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He drove about 200 kilometers east to the town of Hope before deciding to turn himself in to law enforcement.

He turned around and went straight to the Vancouver police station…

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where he told an officer: “I killed my mother”.

gave Riverdale The actor’s sentencing hearing continues after he confessed to killing his mother at their townhouse in Squamish.

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According to Psychiatric reportsAfter the murder, the child star had: “an addiction disorder after years of heavy use”.

Nevertheless, he was able to “maintain an appearance that he was functioning normally.”

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Evidence from both sides was heard in court this week.

“How can I trust anyone when my only sibling chose to execute my mother when her back was turned?” Sister Lisa said in her victim’s statement.

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But upon reflection, the phrase came up surprisingly short.

He has been sentenced to life in prison, but is likely to get parole after just 14 years.

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His lawyer, Chris Johnson, said: “In my view, it was the least possible. [sentence] We can expect that given the circumstances.”

It is believed that his mental health problems played a role in the sentencing.

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