Did Britney Spears Shade Sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ New Memoir?

Why do fans think Britney Spears sheds light on Sister Jamie Lane's new memoir?

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Sending message? after the. Jamie Spears Announcing his upcoming book, some fans asked what. An American singer Was shouting softly Her sister’s new project.

Jamie Lane, 30, took to Instagram on Monday, October 11 to review her memoirs and wrote, “I can’t believe I stopped writing my book !!! ‘ Is at work

Of Zoe 101. Alum recalled how she felt “a strong conviction.” To share her story. After her 13-year-old daughter Maddie In 2017, ATV was involved in an accident.

“But there was a lot of personal work and healing before I could properly share my truth,” he explained in a social media post. “I spent my whole life believing that I had to pretend to be perfect, even when I wasn’t, for the first time talking about my mental health, because that process challenged me. That I have to be painfully honest with myself, and face a lot of difficult things, which I would normally have done just fine, as I was taught.

Jamie Lane notes that she wants to prove that “you should never modify yourself or your truth to please anyone else” because she is locked up in the last 30 years of her life.

“I know how terrifying it can be to share a personal struggle, especially if you don’t feel like you have help or a safe place.” Sweet magnolia Star to be continued. “Last but certainly not least, I want you all to know, you matter, your story matters, you are enough, and this world should never try to convince you. Give. “

Online fans were quick to point out that Jamie Lane made no mention of Britney, 39, although a summary of her book contains a part about their relationship.

“You’ve read the headlines, but you don’t know Jamie Lane Spears. The world first met Jamie Lane as a child star, when it was his job to perform both on set and for the press. He did it for many years. I’ve been running around in various roles – All That, Zoe 101, and even as Britney’s baby sister. “According to the publisher’s website.

A day later, the “poisonous” singer shared her social media post. People who were reading between the lines.

“Psssssss is also good news … I’m thinking of releasing a book next year – but I’m having issues with a title so maybe my fans can help !!!!” Actor With the title of the picture Tuesday, October 12 via Instagram. What do you guys think ???? “

Fans’ speculation about a possible rift between Jamie Lane and Britney comes after the older sister. He called his family during an explosive conservatory hearing. In June.

“I’m done. I want to sue my family, to be completely honest with you,” the singer told the judge, later declaring her conservatism “disgusting” at the hands of her father. Jamie Spears.

After Britney’s comments made headlines, Jamie Lane explained. That he was towards his sister., Whether other. Don’t get to see it.

“Maybe I didn’t support it the way people would like me with hashtags on public platforms, but I can assure you that I supported my sister long before the hashtag came along,” he said. all of them Alum explained at the time. “And I’ll support it much later. Remember that.”

The following month, Britney called it the “so-called support system.” He even referred to his younger sister’s performance in 2017.

The Grammy Award winner wrote via Instagram in July, “I’m not going to perform on any stage with my dad.” !!!!! “

Following Britney’s shocking social media statement, Jamie Lane. Share a selfie with captions.“The peace of the Lord be with you and with your spirit.” On the same day, Britney posted a video of herself saying, “God bless your ass today.”

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