Did Erin Brockovich want Julia Roberts to play her in the film?

In 2000, Steven Soderbergh gave us one of the best biopics of the millennium, Erin Brockovich. The Academy Award-winning film gave Julia Roberts one of them. Her most important role at the box office. Although her clothes in the film were not far from her famous. pretty lady The miniskirt, the challenging life of a real person as an activist and the mother of two divorced three, was a new area for the actress. Still, he impressed critics with his commanding screen presence.

He exhibited. Its great capacity and range, Separated from the room-work trops that helped make it. The highest paid actress in Hollywood No wonder she won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2001 and early 2000s. Julia Roberts is what environmental activists really think about it. Notting Hill Photographing the star

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How much did Julian Roberts get paid for ‘Erin Brockovich’?

Despite not being the real Erin Brockovich’s first choice for the role, Julia Roberts was well paid for the gig. She was the first actress to receive 20 20 million for a film. Since the studio was not initially on board with this demand, it was the standard amount that only male film stars such as Adam Sandler, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, and Tom Cruise.

Roberts’ agent, Ellen Goldsmith-Thomas, argued that this was an unfair double standard. Pray for love The star already had five films that are currently grossing over $ 100 million. Goldsmith Thomas added that DiCaprio and Sandler had only one hit on the same scale. This record-breaking salary paved the way for the next generation of Hollywood movie stars.

Scarlett Johansson, for example, recently received 20 million for her stand-alone. Marvel Cinematic Universe. the film, black Widow. However, she is suing Disney further after simultaneously showing the long-awaited movie in theaters and streaming it on Disney +. The actress’ contract guarantees a special theatrical release. With the film receiving more cash from both platforms, Johnson is fighting for at least 50 50 million.

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Actress Erin Brockovich actually wanted to play him.

Brockovich hoped that Goldie Han would play him in the film. She wanted someone to have fun, because I found this kind of adulterous, crazy Goldie Han. ” He told Free. Her former boss and friend, the late Ed Masry, who was also featured in the screen update, suggested the comedian and 2012 presidential candidate, Rosin Barr. “I don’t care who it is unless it’s Julia Roberts. She has no breasts and no mouth, so it won’t work,” she said.

Of course, the lawyer ate his words when he went out to take a great step on Roberts Brockovich’s personality. But real-life heroines also thought it would be impossible to reach. Runaway bride During the star casting process for the project, she said, “I mean, first of all, Julia Roberts is never going to do that. She’s Julia Roberts!” Brockovich was a starstick when he met the actress in person. “It was a thrill to meet him. His energy is just amazing.

He also said that My best friend’s wedding. The star broke the ice by saying, “Hey, I’m Julia and I’m so embarrassed, I don’t even have breasts yet.” Roberts’ push-up cleavage was one of the things that got the most attention. Erin Brockovich. When Roberts sent a picture of her in the closet to her then-boyfriend Benjamin Pratt, she replied, “You can’t go out like that.” But Brockovich said the costumes weren’t too thin. After watching the movie, she said, “The only thing that was wrong was that the skirts weren’t short enough.”

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What did Erin Brockovich think of Julia Robert’s photography?

Erin Brockovich has zero complaints about Julia Roberts’ performance. Declaring the biopic 98 true with “some creative licenses”, the former legal clerk was satisfied with how it all turned out. However, the decade following his immediate rise to fame became difficult for him and his family. “This movie had a bigger impact on me than I ever thought possible.” He told Opera: Where are they now? In 2013.

“I could see my kids going wild because we didn’t have the money and suddenly we had the money and we could work,” he added. “We lived in a big house. What happened was that earning the next salary became more important. It became more important, ‘Oh, I have to interview,’ than to see that my child is in trouble.” His daughter Elizabeth became addicted to drugs in 2004. “I was so busy being Erin Brockovich that I lost Erin’s mother. I lost Erin to his wife.”

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Movie executive Julia Roberts wanted to play Harriet Tubman 25 years ago.

Movie executive Julia Roberts wanted to play Harriet Tubman 25 years ago.

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