Did Larry David ever want to play for Seinfeld?

During the same interview with Larry King, Jason Alexander also admitted that his character George Costanza was, in fact, Larry David’s on-screen alter ego, reinforcing the question of why David didn’t play the role himself. There may be several answers to this question. First of all, Larry David has always been frank about his limitations as an actor, even scathingly. New York Post in 2015: “I was inspired to become a comedian because I was a bad actor.”

However, in an interview in 2021 TV Pioneers. Jerry Seinfeld offered a different take on the subject. He did so after praising David’s contributions to Seinfeld, saying, “He [David] He had a lot more ideas than me about what we should do and what we shouldn’t do.” acting,” before adding, “We never talked about it…”

Humor also claimed that David’s duties as Seinfeld’s showrunner were also more than enough to keep him busy. In particular, Seinfeld notes that if he and David were on set all day, neither would be able to properly work with the show’s writers and production team, among the many tasks David drew attention to. Given the amount of praise David has received for his work behind the scenes, one has to wonder if Seinfeld would have survived if he had played as well. On the other hand, David may have been aiming for the right role, which he eventually found by playing an absurd version of himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm. And we can all agree that he was born for this role.

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