Did Mary Austin get married after breaking up with Freddie Mercury?

Mary Georgina Austin, better known as Mary Austin, was Freddie Mercury’s longtime lover. A passionate love for the Queen vocalist brought her fame.

It was only after the death of Mercury that it became clear how significant this woman was in his life, and he even called her his “wife”.

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Although the singer never legally married Mary, he still called her his wife even long after admitting to her that he was gay, which ended their romantic relationship.


After her breakup with Freddie, many are wondering if she has found love again. Here are the details of what exactly happened in Mary’s life, including her love affairs.

Mary Austin’s relationship with Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was 24 years old when he met 19-year-old Mary, who worked in a clothing store. Young and in love, they had no idea what future awaited them as lovers and friends.

Despite the fact that some music lovers are not familiar with her, Mary played an important role in the career and personal life of the late rock star.

Before getting carried away by Freddie, Mary met with a friend of Freddie and a self-made Brian. As soon as the singer saw Mary, he was amazed and asked Brian if he was “serious” about her and then asked if he could ask her out on a date instead.

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This happened in 1969, when Freddie had just graduated from art college and was an aspiring singer. Although Mary revealed that it took her about three years to truly fall in love with the rock star, the couple soon moved to a small apartment near Kensington Market, where Freddie worked in a clothing store he shared with Roger Taylor.

Mary became a stumbling block for Freddie as his career grew. In an interview, she recalled the time when the singer proposed to her in 1973.

She shared, “I was speechless. I remember thinking, “I don’t understand what’s going on.” It was not at all what I expected. ” She accepted him, despite the surprise of the unexpected proposal, and she and Freddie were engaged.

However, soon Freddie started a relationship with me while he was engaged to Mary. According to Smooth Radio, he allegedly told her that he was bisexual and she replied, “No, Freddie, I don’t think you are bisexual.” I think you’re gay. “

After this conversation, they decided to part ways, but remained good friends.

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After his relationship with Mary, Freddie had several short love affairs, but the longest and most serious was Jim Hutton.

Despite the fact that gay marriage was not recognized in the United Kingdom at the time, Jim supported Freddie until the last years of his life, and the two even wore the same wedding rings as a symbol of their devotion to each other.

Mary Austin’s life after Freddie Mercury

Despite the fact that Mary and Freddie did not work out as a couple, both have positive reviews about each other.

The singer once said: “All my lovers have asked me why they cannot replace Mary, but this is simply impossible. My only friend is Mary, and I don’t want anyone else. For me, she was my common-law wife. It was a marriage for me. “

In November 1991, Freddie Mercury publicly confirmed that he tested positive for HIV and had AIDS. At the age of 45, he tragically died of bronchial pneumonia, which became a complication of AIDS.

Mary reportedly stayed by his side, holding his hand as he died. Later Mary recalled: “I really lost my family when Freddie died. He was everything to me except my sons. He was not like everyone I have met before. “

Mary Austin eventually got married

Although Mary remained good friends with Freddie after their breakup, she found love again in the presence of artist Pierce Cameron in 1990, she gave birth to two children, Jamie and Richard.

Freddie became the godfather of the eldest child and even adored Mary’s children when he was still alive.

However, Mary’s relationship with Pierce did not last long, so they decided to part ways. Mary then married a second time in 1998 to businessman Nicholas Holford, but four years later the marriage was dissolved.

Although she had two failed marriages after her relationship with Freddie, Mary knew that the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen had all his hearts and souls for her – the “queen” of his life.

Freddie even dedicated one of the most popular songs “Love of My Life” from Queen’s 1975 album to Mary. Proving his undying love for her, he even left her the best part of his wealth – for the important role she played in his life even after he broke her heart.

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