Director Antoine Fuqua will never miss this Denzel Washington classic

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter To promote his upcoming Hulu documentary series Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles Lakers, Antoine Fuqua was asked a question that almost always gets an interesting response from the prolific director: “Do you have ‘one who got away’?” Fuqua had a clear The answer is American Gangster, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe’s 2007 crime epic that The Hollywood Reporter notes was ultimately directed by Ridley Scott after Fuqua left the project.

“My heart breaks when I say it out loud,” the director said. “I didn’t know enough then. I don’t think I was navigating it the way I should have been, or didn’t have the full perspective and understanding of the business, such as the financial obligations and the pressure that everyone, including executives, is under.”

To this day, he says, he still feels the sting of missing out on an opportunity not only to work with Washington on another project, but on the one in his cabin. Luckily, Fuqua got a few more chances to work with Washington again after American Gangster, even if that particular project didn’t pan out the way he wanted.

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