Director Gina Prince-Bythewood has the perfect response to the female king’s backlash

Prince-Bythewood told IndieWire“I realized in advance that it is impossible to win an argument on Twitter. And I know that all this will disappear as soon as they see the film. must live in this confidence. They will watch the film and they will watch it.”

In addition, producer Kathy Shulman said (via IndieWire) that she would like conversations to be about the film’s content rather than preview material. She also noted that the situation is more nuanced than depicted. “I think we didn’t hesitate to explore these areas,” she said. “The fact is that slavery is driven by material gain. It gave people on this continent the opportunity to earn money that should not have been offered or forced on them. and we don’t hesitate to visit it in the film.”

The film crew is supported by a certain segment of Twitter users, Who said the current attack seems insincere. However, now that the film is out in theaters, audiences are seeing for themselves whether the backlash is justified, and so far, the response has been mixed. Some new fans stand up for him. Others, such as the historian Ana Lucia Araujo. write for slatesaid that while the film is a vision of empowering black women, it softens the truth, misleads viewers who know little about African history, and underestimates the descendants of enslaved Africans.

With that in mind, it looks like the reaction to The Woman King could prove to be as complex as the film’s depiction of slavery – and it remains to be seen how audiences will react once the weekend ends.

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