Disney Characters You Probably Forgot Voiced by Fraser Star Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth first connected with Disney when she reprized her role as Lilith as part of the Disneyland 35th Anniversary Celebration special in 1990 (via IMDb). But Disney’s role as Bebe Neuwirth is perhaps best known for the direct-to-video sequel to Mad Movie, Extremely Stupid Movie. Neuwirth voices Sylvia, a tough librarian who starts an affair with Goofy (Bill Farmer). The pair share a love of 1970s culture, especially in one unforgettable disco dance sequence, while she helps him understand his connection to his student son, Max (Jason Marsden).

The movie is actually well received by critics compared to other Disney sequels (via rotten tomatoes). Polygon even ranked “Extremely Silly Movie” as sixth on the company’s list of direct-to-video films. The site criticized the look of the animation, but still praised the film and its enjoyment.

Despite Sylvia’s chemistry with Goofy, Farmer revealed that he and Neuwirth never actually met during the voice recording process (via Frontman’s Journey). The voice actor said, “She was in New York doing a show on Broadway and I was in LA. She wrote her lines there, I wrote mine in LA and they put them together.”

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