Disney+ K-drama ‘Doctor Lawyer’: So Ji Sub returns in edgy medical and legal drama

As Dr. Jurist begins, the court sits, and the doctor is sentenced for medical malpractice. The judge orders him to stand up to hear the verdict, but he collapses due to cardiac arrest.

The paramedics try to resuscitate him and quickly the tall and handsome Ihan takes charge. As he sets about rescuing a dying man, prosecutor Geum Seok Yeon (Lim Soo Hyang, also currently on our screens as the lead actress in Uri Deva) admonishes him, saying, “You’re not a doctor anymore!” To which he coolly replies, “Maybe I should just leave him to die?”

Yeehan’s confidence is well founded, as we learn when the clock flashes back five years into the operating room, where he saves a patient’s life, and his befuddled colleagues marvel at his speed, precision, and handsome features.

Lim Soo-hyang as Attorney Geum Seok-yong in a still from the film “Doctor Lawyer”.

As soon as he cleaned the floor, he received a call to the emergency services, and he went to clean again, although he had already performed three operations in a row.

Not only is Ihan the perfect surgeon, he’s also the perfect boyfriend for Seokyoung and the caring primary caregiver for her younger brother Seok Joo (Han Seung Bin), a student waiting for a new heart who hopes to follow in Ihan’s footsteps. .

The only objection to Yihan is that he allows Goo Jin-gi (Lee Kyung-young), the head of Bangseok Hospital, to be used by undercover operations for VIPs, often replacing Jin-gi’s incompetent son Hyun-gi . Song (Lee Dong Ha).

So Ji Sub as Han Yihan in a still from the movie 'Doctor Lawyer'.

So Ji Sub as Han Yihan in a still from the movie ‘Doctor Lawyer’.

Things go awry for Yeehan when one day all of his dreams come true at the same time. A new heart is found for Seok Joo, Seok Yeon accepts his marriage proposal, and Jin Gi promotes him to the position of head of cardiothoracic surgery he dreamed of.

But the higher the rise, the faster the fall. Just as Ihan successfully completes Seok Joo’s heart transplant, he is called in for yet another dubious operation. The patient’s face is obscured and, even more mysteriously, he is asked to have another heart transplant. Everything is going well, but the next morning Seok Joo gets worse. The fingers point to Ihan, who was busy with a secret transplant and was nowhere to be found.

The situation quickly spirals out of control for Yeehan, who is charged with medical malpractice and thrown into jail. His colleagues rebel against him and he decides to part ways with the heartbroken Seok-yeon. He agrees to prosecution to avoid jail time and leaves the medical profession for good.

Lee Kyung-young as hospital director Goo Jin-gi in a still from the film

Lee Kyung-young as hospital director Goo Jin-gi in a still from the film “Doctor Lawyer”.

While we haven’t yet seen what exactly he does in the present, aside from performing surgery in a courtroom, we know from the show’s marketing that Ihan has become a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice.

Given that Yeehan faced malpractice, which was likely orchestrated by his former boss and people connected to the mystery heart transplant patient, we can reasonably expect him to fight his way through the courts in an attempt to take down the people who wronged him.

Story Dr. Jurist comes together quickly and cleanly, and the main pleasure will be to see the perfect figure rise from the ashes to strike back at the corrupt forces that led to his downfall.

So Ji Sub as Han Yihan in a still from the movie 'Doctor Lawyer'.

So Ji Sub as Han Yihan in a still from the movie ‘Doctor Lawyer’.

Ihan truly is the epitome of perfection, which makes him an idealized person and a million miles away from being a significant character. That could change if the show gives it some layers in the coming weeks as the story progresses.

Last seen four years ago at My secret TerriusSeo looks like an elegant figure in the lead role, with his broad shoulders and deep-set eyes, making him the toughest doctor-lawyer one could ask for. Curiously, Seo is a rare Korean top-list these days that has yet to appear on a cable or streaming show, staying true to the broadcast networks ever since.

Jurist Doctor is streaming on Disney+.

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