Disney Paris employee interrupts offer and gets criticized by netizens

There is only one thing that can spoil the offer at Disneyland. This is an employee…

Wait. What did you expect? Children? Are people screaming? Karen hit the frame? Weather? Cliche setting? Are you tripping over your own shoelaces or, God forbid, your own words? Don’t be silly, this never happens at Disneyland.

But the wild employee is exactly the reason. Don’t believe me? Oh it happened. Just look.

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Disneyland is a magical place, but proposing to your significant other is far from ideal.

Image credits: Qin Linlin (not real picture)

There was a video recently surfaced on the Internet of this couple in Disneyland. In the video, we see the guy get down on one knee and try to ask his gorgeous soulmate a question. I say “try” because a few seconds later, a Disneyland employee bursts in to ruin everything.

Why? Apparently, it was this area in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle that was fenced off. The employee snatched the wedding ring from the man’s hand and began to slide down the stairs nearby, gesturing that they should move to the location he indicated.

A guy was proposing to his girlfriend in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle when a Disneyland Paris employee ruined it for them.

FYI, the reason it’s fenced, according to Disney Reporter Edith Gervin, because the platform is used for dreams… and shine brighter! shows several times a day to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. The guy reportedly proposed shortly before the start of the show, so timing was of the essence.

Before the 21-second video ends, we see the guy walk up to the employee to explain the situation, but the employee doesn’t want anything and the moment was ruined. People could hear the whistling that started soon after.

However, there are allegations that the guy approached another employee, a woman, and obtained her permission in advance to propose. Just an intervening employee didn’t seem to know about it.

It turns out that the place where the couple was located was closed to people, but the couple claimed that they had permission.

Image credits: Britini R (not real picture)

Reddit comment Under the viral video, OP, who is the best friend of the person making the proposal, explained that “another co-worker said, ‘you can’t go up there’, then he replied that he wanted to propose, to which she replied, ‘if that’s the case’.” Then he went for that and the rest is on tape.”

In another commentThe OP also clarified that the employee disappeared as quickly as he appeared. His best friend also fought the urge to make things worse by throwing the guy to the ground for ruining what was supposed to be the best day of his life.

In a statement to Newsweek, a spokesperson for Disneyland said they were sorry for how poorly this situation was handled and apologized to the couple, offering to make amends. What it means to “do it right” has yet to be determined.

The platform is actually used for Dream… and Shine Brighter! shows and surrounded by various technology and fireworks

Image credits: Eric Quitnan (photo not real)

It all happened in Disneyland Paris, France, in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, on a fenced platform. So yeah, keep your head up if you’re going to do it.

As soon as the video hit the Internet, it went viral. it originally popped on the r/IamATotalPieceOfS**t subreddit, where at the time of this writing, he has just over 96,000 votes and close to 60 Reddit awards. It was also covered by a number of news outlets and the video also found my way on YouTube.

At the end of the video, people can hear booing, and the internet was pretty much the same way when it hit Reddit.

As for the reaction of the internet, for the most part it was the same as people booing on the video. This was accompanied by criticism pointing to the tone of voice of the employee, as if he was more than happy to ruin the moment, maybe even proud. But the moment people criticized him the most was when he snatched the ring. You just don’t do it. Period.

Others credited the person who made the offer for not losing. And some speculate that the employee took the opportunity while he was on his knees to intervene so as not to get his ass kicked. And that’s probably why he disappeared soon after.

Still others suggested that the employee would not last long at the company, as Disney takes its image of “The Happiest Place on Earth” seriously.

We’ve reached out to the author of the original video, who is the best friend of the person who proposed, but we’ve yet to hear from them, so stay tuned!

In any case, you can watch the video in our article, as well as on Reddit as well as YouTube with all comments. But before you leave, what do you think about it? If you were an employee, how would you handle it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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