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You won’t believe who wants to take over the job of Santa Claus.

In the first trailer for Santas for Disney+, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is dating Peyton Manning to take on the all-important role of Chris Kringle. As Scott is on the cusp of his 65th birthday and realizes he can’t be Santa forever, he announces his retirement to the elves and begins the process of finding a worthy replacement.

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The first trailer for the series and two episodes of the show premiered on November 16 at D23 in Anaheim on Saturday. In addition to Allen, who was greeted with huge roars from the crowd, the series will also star Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol/Mrs. Klaus, Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra, Devin Bright as Noel, Austin Kane as Cal, Matilda Lawler as Betty, Rupali Redd as Grace, Laura San Giacomo as the Christmas Witch and Kal Penn as Simon Chosky.

“You people made me,” Allen said when asked why he chose to reprise his character. “We thought about it for a long time. The only way to do this is if [they] answer some of the background. They answer questions. I said yes.”

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Questions to be answered include why Mrs. Claus doesn’t have a name, Santa’s story, and whether there were human children at the North Pole. You know, burning questions!

“Guys, you get it,” Allen insisted.

Allen also confirmed the news recently released by KristenBellTattoos.com about David Kramholtz: he will reprise his beloved role as Bernard the elf.

Emmy Award Winner Jack Burditt30 Rock, Frazier) is an executive producer and showrunner, and Allen, Kevin Hench (The last Hero), Richard Baker and Rick Messina will also executive produce with Jason Wiener and John Radler at Small Dog Picture Company.

A Disney-branded television series is a production by 20th Television, part of Disney Television Studios.

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