Disney+’s Andora Final Trailer: Spies, Saboteurs, and Assassins

First things first, at the end of the second Andor trailer, it was revealed that three episodes would air on the day of the premiere. So schedule your schedule for September 21st for three Star Wars Glory Hours.

The new trailer is all about fighting the Empire, with Luten Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) galvanizing Cassian Andor on how to fight back. Luten says they both know Andor will die fighting the Empire for the rest of his life, so he pushes him one step further. “Isn’t it better to give everything at once to something real?” Luten asks. We know he does this thanks to Rogue One, but this shows the path he took to get there.

We also see Luten talking to So Guerrera (Forest Whitaker), another Star Wars character that fans probably thought they would never see again. That’s the strength of the prequel. It looks like Andor will be one of the most action-packed Star Wars shows on Disney+ to date, with Diego Luna stealing the show.

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