Disturbing Stranger Things 5 ​​A Theory That Worries Fans

At the end of Stranger Things 4, Will can be seen holding his neck in a very familiar way, and some fans begin to worry that Will will be obsessed with Vecna ​​again. Among the theories posted by the incredibly aptly named user u/StrangerWill. Reddit they believed that Vecna ​​wanted to claim him as her vessel in order to become human again.

Other fans also thought about it. “What if Will is a phylactery for Vecna, given that the mind flayer was inside Will at some point, as well as the slug he coughed up in previous seasons?” u/No_Brother_2201 argued that some of Vecna’s influence may still linger in Will. Meanwhile, u/Pewp-dawg went even further, suggesting that the ending of Stranger Things 5 ​​could be connected to the very beginning of the show in a way that, unfortunately, would be bad news for Will. “I believe that Will the Wise will make the ultimate sacrifice to save his group. I think it will all go back to the very beginning of the series when Will rolled the dice wrong, but this time he gets it right,” they wrote.

Elsewhere, fans have also acknowledged the possibility of new problems on Will’s personal horizon. “IF HE WILL BE obsessed with a century again, I will lose her,” @zainashawli tweeted. On the other hand, @simonemalec chose a more optimistic view of Will’s future. “The moment it touches his neck I knew season 5 was going to be his season,” they wrote. “Everything began with the will, with the will it will end.”

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