Do reality fans also like ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’?

Because TV shows can’t air forever, reboots are always fun, especially when a popular reality show is coming back. When Hill: A new beginning. Announced, fans wanted. Know why Mesha Barton was cast, along with What did the cast say about the show?.

Although the original series is notorious for moments like Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag fighting over Heidi’s romance with Spencer Pratt and enjoying watching the young cast work in the fashion industry, does that mean fans Like reboot?

Keep reading to find out what the audience really thinks. Hill: A new beginning.

The reaction of the fans.

Mountains The net worth of the cast. But not everyone came back for the MTV reboot. Two things stand out about the reboot: Lauren Conrad decides not to return, and the show is now about adults whose lives have changed dramatically since the original series.

When A fan started a Reddit thread. Talking about Hill: A new beginning Coming back for the second season, the general feeling was that watching the show wasn’t so much fun, at least not for Season 2.

The fan wrote, “I can’t believe Hills has been renewed for Season 2 because there’s no new drama and the cast doesn’t match.” Fans said they’ll keep watching, though.

Another fan said, “His life is pretty quiet and boring now,” which has been an interesting comment ever since. Mountains In the air, the cast was in their 20s and it was definitely juicy and dramatic trying to make them their own. Now that he’s grown up, it’s hard to find the same drama.

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While some fans may not like the show, others think it’s fun to watch and feel like an element of old memories.

One fan posted in the Reddit thread that after watching the first episode, “I haven’t decided yet but I definitely like it and can’t wait for next week !!”

Another fan said they’re thirty things now and they enjoy watching the reboot: “I was 19 when I saw the hills and I thought wow this show is fine but I remember it was very Good. My thoughts have changed. Needless to say tonight I felt the hills wonderfully because it caught my attention because it’s the same level of immaturity with friends and boys. Was close and now in my 30’s this show came on the spot !!

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Adriana Peters and Justin Bobby

Anything that stands out. Hill: A new beginning There is a relationship between Adriana Petraeus and Justin Bobby. Fans remember that they always flirted and had a casual romance in the original series, and this is one of the most memorable parts of the show.

One fan posted on Reddit that he found the reboot “boring” “I don’t believe in the romance between Adrena and Justin Bobby.

That begs the question, did Adriana and Justin meet in real life? According to Nikki SwiftJustin Bobby once said there was no official relationship: “Were we like boyfriends and girlfriends? No, we weren’t. We worked hard, we had a few moments, we spent a lot of time together. Gone. ”

O! News Published an article With a good point to note: When Reboot returned to TV, the show suggested that Adriana and Justin were once again interested in romance with each other … and yet the stars were interviewed. Said they didn’t really go out together

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Hill: A new beginning Rotten tomatoes did not get the best rating, with 45% per tomato meter. The Critics’ Consensus section explains, “For a show called New Beginnings, The Hills is unfortunately stuck in its old ways – although there’s plenty of drama for fans looking back to find their favorite characters.” ”

When looking at audience reviews on the website, one stands up, as one fan said the reboot may be “boring” but watching the OG cast again on TV was “cool”. There is a general feeling about this show: although it is not the best or most attractive reality TV out there, those who saw the first show will be happy to see the cast and see what they are doing now. Are

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We need to talk about this alternative end.

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