‘Do you look like a white guy?’ Video of taxi driver kicking passengers out of car over racist remarks goes viral

Unlike fictional universes, there are no superheroes in our real world. There are just good people who behave correctly, observing all the basic values ​​of modern society.

One of those values, of course, is zero tolerance for any form of bigotry. In fact, the final victory over the manifestations of radicalism will be achieved only when their rejection enters the cultural code of all people, at the usual, everyday level.

For example, as happened with the usual American Lyft driver James W. Bode, who a few days ago shared a video from the dash cam on his Facebook page, talking about the incident that happened to him.

With 14,000 reactions, 5,1000 reposts and over 6,3000 different comments to date, James’s post went viral instantly, and the authors are immensely proud of the original poster and express their support for it.

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A Lyft driver posted a dash cam video of an incident that happened to him a few days ago.

Image credits: James W. Bode

Image credits: James W. Bode

While getting into the car, the woman made several racist remarks

So it was late at night in Catasocua, Pennsylvania. James arrived on a call to one of the local pubs, from where a woman came out with her companion. Getting into the car, the woman said with visible relief: “Are you like a white guy?” To the driver’s surprise, she clarified, “Do you look like a white guy? You look like a normal guy, do you speak English?

Image credits: James W. Bode

The driver demanded that the passengers get out of his car immediately.

The OP’s reaction was lightning fast. He demanded that the passenger get out of the car, saying that her words were completely inappropriate, and that he would not take them anywhere. It should be noted that the passenger’s companion behaved extremely aggressively, insulting the driver and threatening him with physical violence.

Image credits: James W. Bode

The driver tried to be polite, but one of the passengers behaved very aggressively

At the same time, James was as polite as possible, explaining to the aggressive man that everything was filmed on camera, and his failed passengers were just racists. If the threats continued, the driver threatened to call the police.

Image credits: James W. Bode

Most likely, OP thinks, his passengers were the owners of the pub – at least when he asked if it belonged to them, they just nodded. Anyway, James woke up famous the next morning.

James added another post, noting that everyone really should be “guys” like him.

Later James wrote another post noting that he doesn’t have to be “that guy” — everyone just has to be. Tell them if you’re uncomfortable because they’re uncomfortable, as they should be.

Image credits: James W. Bode

Lyft expressed support and announced a personal meeting with James to thank him

Lyft expressed support for their employee, noting on their official Twitter that they are very grateful to James for enforcing their zero-tolerance anti-discrimination policy. Lyft representatives also promised that they would contact both the unlucky passengers and the driver himself – just to thank James.

Image credits: lift

People on the internet have unanimously supported James on both Facebook and Twitter.

Most commentators, as we have said, absolutely supported the driver in his intolerance of racism. At the same time, people note that sometimes there are situations when, in response to racist jokes, white people simply laugh or remain silent, thereby unwittingly encouraging racism.

Image credits: SetPixels

Image credits: Strictly Cristo

Image credits: Open Grid Scheduler (not real photo)

As one Twitter commenter correctly put it, this is exactly what it takes to counter white supremacy: white people make other whites pay for racism.

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We fully support and thank James for his position, and if you would like to do the same, just write here in the comments.

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