Dobby fired back at Madonna for trying to cancel it over homophobic comments.

Madonna took a stand against Dobby for her gay and lesbian comments at Rolling Loud Miami … but the rapper returned fire.

Queen Dobby’s terrifying words have not gone unnoticed. Madonna, Like the rest of the world, the crowd of at least 80,000 people was shocked and disgusted by what was said.

On the closing night of Rolling Loud on Sunday, Dobby told the crowd, “If you don’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any other deadly sexually transmitted disease, you’re going to die in two to three weeks.” Then place your mobile lighter on top.! Ladies, if your drink smells like water, put a lighter on your cell phone! Fells, if you’re not sucking in the parking lot, keep your cell phone lighter up.

Dabi has posted on social media. Several times since the incident, saying, “You are an entertainer, try to apologize and explain that you were not harmed and that you were just having fun as you are paid.” And there’s no problem with someone’s sexual preference that’s out there. ” The rapper added:Then go against the grain in the opposite direction of every frightened person around you. And be true to yourself and leave DAT B ** CH at the height of the commotion and show the world once again that you can’t be F *** ED WIT? I have. I just did. God’s work. “

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Madonna’s Instagram post.

“I want to keep my cell phone lighter. Pray for your ignorance.… There are people like you because we still live in a world divided by fear. “

The amount of pressure on an artist’s best performance in life can lead to irreparable damage. Several artists have come forward to condemn Dobby’s remarks..

Dobby has since claimed that it is unacceptable.

Dobby doubles after Madonna and Questlov condemn their gay remarks Stop f ** kin w / INFLUENCE.. They go crazy for what I don’t say. I got influence

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Dobby’s Instagram story.

دابی دلیل۔

By: Instagram.

دابی دلیل۔

By: Instagram.

Dobby is once again addressing his gay comments in Rolling Loud Miami, but this time with a new music video. DaBaby has used the event to promote his new song.

This is DaBaby’s new music video, Give what is supposed to be given..

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Jennifer Lopez

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