Doctor from Chicago who is hospitalized in season 8

As noted above, the Chicago Med ward staff seem to be playing fair game when it comes to putting their lives in danger, or at least putting their bodies in a hospital bed. As you can see from the promotional picture posted on NBC Press Information Sitethe doctor who will spend the night at Gaffney Med in Season 8 is an OB/GYN (and recovered from heroin addiction) Dr. Hannah Asher (Jesse Schram). The photo shows Usher clenching one arm anxiously, a severe bruise visible on the left side of her forehead. Another promo photo posted from the same episode shows her in the hallway of the hospital, supported on both sides by doctors Choi and Will Halstead (Nick Gelfuss).

While we don’t know the nature of Asher’s injury or how she got it, her worried expression in both photos isn’t entirely reassuring. In addition, the caption states that the eighth season premiere is titled “How to Start Counting Losses.” The storyline of the episode is still unknown, but the title itself sounds a little dark.

For now, all we can do is hope for the best for Hannah as we look forward to the debut of season 8 of Chicago Med, which will air on NBC, along with season-long series premieres of sister shows One Chicago on Wednesday. September. 21 (via

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