Dodge Cat Doubles Her Capital In 2021 – Here’s How

Dodge musician Kat rose to fame in 2018 with her single “Mooo!” which quickly became an internet meme. Since then, however, the rapper has established herself as a promising musician, and Dodge Cat is currently one of the largest and most famous female rappers in the industry.

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Today we’ll take a look at how the star managed to double its net worth in just one year. From releasing one of the most successful albums of 2021 to making numerous brand deals, keep scrolling to see how Doja Cat has earned an impressive net worth!

9 In 2021, Doja Cat released her third studio album, Planet Her.

Doja Cat released her third studio album on June 25, 2021. Her Planet and it was a great success. The album includes her hits “Kiss Me More”, “You Right”, “Need to Know” and “Woman”. The album became the most popular Doja Cat album since it debuted at number two on the Billboard 200


eight Her music was huge on TikTok

It’s safe to say that in 2021, Doja Cat music was extremely popular on the social video sharing network TikTok.

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It’s no secret that TikTok sounds have a big impact on what music is popular now, and Doja Cat music is often the hit sound on the popular platform.

7 Doja Cat has collaborated with other famous artists

While Doja Cat was already famous in 2021, there is no doubt that her collaboration has helped her reach an even wider audience this year. During the year, the musician collaborated with his friend Saviti on the song “Best Friend”, Ariana Grande and Megan T Stallion on the remix of the song “34 + 35”, SZA on the song “Kiss Me More”, The Weeknd on the song “You Right” and Lil Nas X with the song “Scoop”.

6 She guest starred in the comedy show “Dave”

In 2021, fans could see Dodge Cat also try her hand at a TV comedy show. Dave… The show stars the rapper / comedian Lil Dickie, who plays the main character and it follows the fictionalized version of Lil Dickie. Besides Doja Cat, some other stars that have appeared on Dave include Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, OT Genasis, Young Thug, Macklemore, Hayley Bieber, Kendall Jenner, J Balvin and Lil Nas X. Currently, Dave has a rating of 8.3 on IMDb

5 Doja Cat has performed at several music festivals

In addition to releasing music that was very popular in 2021, the musician has also performed at several well-known music festivals. With most of the music events canceled in 2020, fans were sure to be thrilled with Doja Cat’s 2021 performance.

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Some of the most memorable music festivals the rapper has performed at include Made in America Festival, Global Citizen Festival, Balmain Music Festival, and Austin City Limits Music Festival.

4 Doja Cat collaborates with different brands

It’s certainly no secret that celebrities tend to make good money from deals with brands, and Doja Cat definitely had some fun collaborations in 2021. The musician has collaborated with brands like Pretty Little Thing and Givenchy for a year, and she even has her own makeup line with BH Cosmetics. There is no doubt that more brands will want to collaborate with the star in the future.

Social media plays a huge role in today’s entertainment world, and it’s no surprise that the more followers you have on social media platforms, the richer they get. Doja Cat’s follower count has certainly increased in 2021, and the artist currently has an impressive 18.3 million Instagram followers – a number that will surely only grow with each passing day. With a platform this large, Doja Cat is certainly more valuable to brands and with that, its net worth is bound to go up as well.

2 Doja Cat has released a collection of NFT

Also, the musician decided to plunge into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in September 2021 she released her first NFT compilation “Planet Doja”. The collection consists of two tiers of tokens and 26,000 collectibles, and with this Dodge Cat has definitely proved that she knows how to keep up with the times.

one Doja Cat had $ 4 million in net worth in 2020 and doubled in 2021

Finally, we end the list with numbers. In December 2020, Doja Cat was worth an estimated $ 4 million. Currently a rapper estimated at $ 8 million This means that she doubled her wealth in just one year. Of course, this is not surprising given that the musician has had a very successful year, and her music, collaborations, brand deals, festival and television appearances, and her social media growth have certainly helped her earn a lot more than she did in 2020. … Judging from this, it’s safe to say that we can expect Doja Cat to get a little richer in 2022!

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