Does Keanu Reeves really do his own stunts?

Keanu Reeves, whose action roles include Neo in The Matrix and John Wick in the film series of the same name, actually does his own stunts. In an interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Reeves said that while filming The Matrix Resurrection, he jumped off a building “about 19 to 20 times” to get the stunt right. He estimated that the building had about 46 floors.

Many of the action scenes in The Matrix films require characters to move in ways that humans cannot, and are therefore created using CGI. However, Reeves noted that the filmmakers wanted some of the scenes to look real and have perfect lighting. To stay safe in stunt scenarios, wires are attached to the actors when performing such daring acts.

For Reeves, one of the benefits of doing your own stunts is that it’s fun. He told Colbert: “It was amazing. Can you imagine how easy it is to jump off a building with wires?” Indeed, for some actors, doing stunts can seem like a blast.

In an interview with “Today” Regarding his stunts in John Wick’s action scenes, Reeves said, “I’m 90% of what’s going on there.” Another benefit of doing your own stunts? “I keep in touch with the audience and with the story.” It seems to Reeves that leaving the character even during stunts allows him to get deeper into his roles.

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