Does Lance Bass enjoy fatherhood?

Lance Bass He first became famous as one of the singers of the cult boy band of the 90s NSYNC. After the group, Lance continued his career in the entertainment industry, both in music and television, and even after all these years, he is still a relevant artist.

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Ten years ago, Lance Bass met the love of his life, actor and artist Michael Turchin, and after a couple of years of dating, they got married in 2014 in Los Angeles. All * NSYNC members were present (they are still very close) except for Justin Timberlake, who was on tour at the time. They knew almost immediately that they wanted to be parents, and while it took a little longer than expected, they managed to make that dream come true this year. Let’s find out a little more about Lance’s parenting experience.

6 It was not an easy process

When Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin decided that they wanted to become parents, they knew it would be quite a difficult process, but they did not imagine that it would be as difficult to deal with as it was. Lance shared that he and Michael struggled to conceive and worked with many surrogates before finding the right match. They shared that when their surrogate mother became pregnant with twins, they already had an idea of ​​what their life would be like as parents, so it was especially heartbreaking for everyone when she had a miscarriage. This is a very difficult thing for every parent, so it’s nice that they had a happy ending.


5 Lance Bass’s baby announcement

When they found out they were going to have twins, they carefully waited until it was safe and then announced it in style. Lance posted a video on Instagram in which he and Michael starred in some awful short film, but in the end they smiled with relief and the words “two buns in the oven” appeared on the screen. The announcement was that the twins were due to be born shortly before Halloween.

“I love Halloween. When I found out that they were going to come for Halloween, I immediately thought, “Our baby ad must be some sort of Halloween theme.… Maybe we should do a movie trailer, a horror movie trailer where we don’t say that. You have to figure it out, ”Lance shared. “That’s what we did. We called my friend Colton Tran, a terrific horror director. We did it in three days. We had it written and all that, we shot it one day and edited it the next, and it was ready. So I was so happy with how it turned out. Michael must share all my crazy ideas. “

4 Lance Bass had a boy and a girl

When asked how they decided whose sperm they were going to use, Lance replied that there was no doubt that they wanted to use Michael’s sperm because they wanted twins.

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Michael has a twin sister and loved this dynamic, so they were absolutely thrilled when they found out they were going to have a boy and a girl. They were born on October 13th and the couple named them Violet Betty and Alexander James.

3 Lance Bass never thought this would happen

Lance recently talked about his struggles with self-acceptance. The former NSYNC member, like many people of his generation, unfortunately went through a backlash when it came to his sexuality, so for a long time he did not dare to believe that he could start a family with the person he loved. …

I never thought this moment would come– he said. – Never. I was once so closed. I watch my interviews when I was working with NSYNC and I feel like it wasn’t even me. I don’t say the same thing, I don’t behave the same way. I hid my true self, but now I remain only myself, and this is the best feeling. “

2 Lance Bass is so grateful to his surrogate

If the process was difficult for the two of them, one can only imagine how hard it must have been for their surrogate mother when her body was subjected to all the changes and risks of pregnancy. Lance and Michael are eternally grateful to her for giving them her precious children.

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We call her our Angel Mom and she was so cute.Lance said about her. “Every time she has an appointment, we see her, and she sends a sonogram … She was just a godsend.”

one Lance Bass couldn’t be happier

In case the original question wasn’t answered in all of the above, we’re telling you right now that Lance Bass is not only enjoying being a father, but happier than ever. Lance and Michael have gone through a lot, not only when it comes to the process of having their beautiful babies, but also just struggling to live together without caring about what people have to say. Society has changed a lot nowadays, and even so, there are people who enjoy interfering with their privacy, so it’s heartbreaking to think about what they went through decades ago. However, now all this does not matter, because the couple lives to the fullest.

I can’t express how much love I feel right now, “Posted by Lance when the twins were born.” Thanks for all the good wishes. It meant a lot. Now how to change a diaper ??! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! “

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