Does Machine Gun Kelly have a good relationship with former Emma Cannon?

Machine gun “Kelly He has made headlines over the past few months for his relatively new relationship with actress Megan Fox. He also made some controversial comments about rock and roll musicians and gained new following as well as some haters. He undoubtedly loves to cause a wave, but this is just his public image. However, as a father, he is a completely different person. He is thoughtful and caring and maintains a friendly relationship with his daughter’s mother.

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MGK has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon, and while the two split up long ago, they’ve managed to stay on good terms for their child. Here, fans will learn more about Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship with their child’s mother, how they are co-teachers, and what the girl’s relationship with his father is like.

6 Who is Emma Cannon?

Little information is available about the mother of Machine Gun’s daughter Kelly, but here’s what we know about Emma Cannon. She and MGK met when they were both very young, even before the rapper began his successful music career. Although the exact timing of their relationship is unknown, they dated several years before graduation. Lace UP, MGK’s debut album, and parted ways peacefully. Emma is currently trying to stay out of the spotlight. She is unknown on social media and has never been seen in public appearances by her ex.


5 When was their daughter born?

MGK and Emma Cannon’s daughter, Casey Colson Baker, was born in 2009 when the rapper was just 18 years old, and while they had a hard time taking on parenting when they were still teenagers, they seem to have done an exceptionally good job.

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Machine Gun Kelly’s social media posts and interviews show that his relationship with his daughter, now 12, is amazing.

4 How Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon co-founders

It’s no secret that Machine Gun Kelly makes daughter her top priority in life. Even with his extremely busy schedule, he will always find time for her, as every parent should. Parenting together isn’t always easy, but when both parents are on the same page, things become much easier. And MGK is proud to declare that he and Emma share the same values ​​when it comes to their child.

MGK and Emma share common parenting values, and there is no hard feelings between them, which makes joint parenting with Kasey smooth and easy, – the source shared. – Their first priority is the happiness and well-being of Kasi. That’s what matters. “

3 How Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon rule MGK’s glory when it comes to Kasi

When fame came to the machine gunner Kelly, it became clear that Kasi would not have a completely normal upbringing. This is probably why Emma is so closed, because they need to give their daughter a sense of normalcy. This way, she will be able to enjoy the pleasant aspects of fame with her father without worrying about the consequences. With Kasi’s appearance at the 2021 American Music Awards, the question arose as to whether they had agreed on how she would approach her dad’s stardom, and fans were reassured.

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“MGK and Emma are protecting Casey, and at such a young age they think it is important to keep her out of the Hollywood scene,” the source explained, “but she was dying to go to the AMA Awards, so they both agreed to let her attend.” “

2 Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon remain good friends

Heavy Kelly has always stated that he and Emma Cannon broke up peacefully, and this is clear from their great co-parenting dynamics and the fact that, as controversial as the rapper was, there was never any scandal surrounding his relationship with his child’s mother. This, coupled with the helpful posts he makes in honor of Emma on occasions like Mother’s Day, makes fans believe their relationship is not only cordial but also friendly. While not necessary when it comes to exes, it’s nice that they can maintain that relationship not only for Casey’s sake, but also because it’s nice that even though they haven’t worked out as a couple, they can still remember each other fondly. …

one MGK’s new relationship with Megan Fox

There has been a lot of talk lately about Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship with Megan Fox. They seem to love each other very much, but what do their children think about this? Fortunately, the answer is that both MGK’s daughters with Emma and Meghan’s kids are happy with the situation.

“Meghan and MGK are planning to get married quite easily,” a source shared. “Her kids Bodhi, Journey and Noah think he’s super cool, and MGK’s daughter Kasi just adores Meghan and her kids.” While Emma’s thoughts on the relationship have not yet been released, it looks like Meghan’s ex-husband is happy with the situation. “Children get along great, which is great.… Even Brian (Austin Green), who honestly didn’t think Meghan and MGK would last long, is okay with their kids’ stepfather-to-be. “

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Megan Fox in Machine Gun Kelly’s music video

Changing a variety of sports equipment, Fox frolics in an empty house, and in fact looks very cunning. This is definitely a video confirming their romance.

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