DoorDash driver fired after confronting client at his office for allegedly reporting non-delivery of orders

Ever since people invented delivery services, they have been the source of various funny and sad stories as well as many other areas of social interaction between people. The problem has become particularly acute with the advent of online delivery, where the courier and the customer don’t meet at all – and, alas, this opens the door to all sorts of fraud.

Usually, the courier of the delivery service becomes the aggrieved party in such stories. Not least because any delivery service is essentially a business, and many owners still operate on the “customer is always right” principle. And many customers just abuse it…

This is quite a strange story. It first surfaced a few days ago on the Reddit Public Freakout community, where it has received 91.6K votes and nearly 3K comments. The original poster noted that the video they posted was taken from the YouTube channel of the person who originally filmed it, but it was later deleted along with the entire channel.

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The original video was filmed by a dasher who lost his job after allegedly defrauding a customer.

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So, according to the video, its author works as a courier for DoorDash. Or rather, it worked. Because, after signing in to work early that day, the man finds out he’s been fired. That was the problem with what he said. Earlier that day, he had delivered burritos to an office, and the receptionist acted as a customer.

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The man claimed that he successfully delivered the $10 burrito, but the woman later reported that the food was not delivered to her for some reason.

According to the delivery man, the woman took her order but then for some reason noted online that the food had not been delivered. As a result, the customer saved $10 on a burrito, and Dasher lost his job, which, he claims in the video, was his sole and primary source of income.

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The man said this directly to his face, claiming he lost his job because of it, and allowed himself to be insulted several times. According to the man, he used to use illegal substances in the past, but he has been abstinent for many years.

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The customer promised to contact DoorDash only to settle matters.

The woman in the video was either shocked by this turn of events, or really felt guilty. At least he didn’t protest much, promising to “contact DorDash and sort things out.” Dasher also asked who raised him, and asked for the phone number of a senior manager, claiming he wanted to fire him as well. He repeated the same thing to another man who approached him at the end of the video.

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In the comments, people supported Dasher and taunted the customer, calling for her immediate firing.

Then strange things started happening. Of course, many commentators, while noting that Dasher was not behaving appropriately, agreed that his voice was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and sympathized with Courier. The receptionist, who allegedly illegally saved $10 on her burrito, has also been slammed by people in the comments.

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The woman was called a fraud and people demanded the company’s management to fire her immediately. According to some commentators, the fact that he did not even make eye contact with the accuser. It seems all is clear and the case is closed. But in reality, everything is not so simple…

First, according to the original poster on Reddit, Dasher’s entire YouTube channel was deleted literally shortly after it was published. Second, one of the commenters in the thread wrote that the man was eventually able to talk to DoorDash support and was reinstated, and that the receptionist, by contrast, was fired. .

A spokesperson for DoorDash reportedly clarified that the claims made in the video are false.

On the other hand, this information was completely unconfirmed. But Newsweek later wrote that they contacted a DoorDash spokesperson, who Literally said: “The claims made in the video are false. Dasher was removed for violating our policies – not for a disputed delivery.”

Be that as it may, people who deliver to various online services are really often victims of various scams and fraudsters. In any case, we’ll continue to follow this story and be sure to let you know how it all ends. In the meantime, we look forward to your comments – which of the parties to the conflict do you believe the most?

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