Dragon House. Episode 5 confirms one of the biggest rumors in the book

During this wedding preamble, Joffrey makes the tragic choice of revealing his relationship with Leianor to Ser Christon Cole (Fabian Frankel), and Joffrey tells Cole that he is also aware of his interactions with Rhaenyra. Taking this as a threat, Cole beats Joffrey to death, which completely devastates Laenor. According to Wiki of Ice and Fire, Joffrey is known as the Kissing Knight. He is mortally wounded by Cole in “Fire and Blood” during the tournament celebrating the wedding of Reynira and Laenor when Cole hits him with a morningstar. He dies a few days later, though Laynor never leaves him and mourns his death. This somewhat echoes the scene in the series where Laynor is completely heartbroken.

Theo Neith spoke about Joffrey’s untimely death ET‚ÄúThis is the ring he sees first. And as soon as he sees it, he thinks, “No, this can’t be.” It was what we talked about [director] Claire Kilner is amazing, by the way. So that was something we talked about in rehearsals and we really wanted to get it right. If he hadn’t had that reaction, I don’t think his journey would have made as much of a difference because he wouldn’t have been as heartbroken as he should be.” impact, and this is certainly affecting the growing business relationship between Laenor and Rayneera. What the common people will say is probably another growing problem in the House of the Dragon.

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