Dua Lipa will give fans a behind-the-scenes look as she lets the cameras participate on the Future Nostalgia tour.

DUA Lipa will not be alone behind the scenes when Future Nostalgia kicks off next month.

I can report that she will be monitored by cameras during the 80-day tour, and streaming services are already hoping that the footage can be turned into an uncompromising documentary.


Dua Lipa is filming cameras on the Future Nostalgia tour to give fans a peek behind the scenes of her life.

The Don’t Start Now singer will hit the road to play the first big-budget tour of her career.

She does her best for a tour that I was told will be choreographed and dressed up and have a spectacle on screen.

Backstage footage can also provide insight into her personal life.
Very impatient

A music insider said, “Dua is now one of the most sought-after stars in the world. Everyone wants a piece of her.

“Her team was approached by various companies that really want to make a concert film or a documentary with the singer.

“Dua is picky about what she does and will not settle for anything that doesn’t suit her. But she agreed that there will be a cameraman with her on the road, who will film everything that happens.

“She thinks it would be great to make a documentary, but it has to be done for the right reasons, so she’s just going to see how things go.

“In addition to preparing for the tour, she was working on her third album, so now there is no limit to the possibilities.

“But if she chooses to turn the footage into a movie, she could get rich because every streaming service would love to have her on board.”

The Don't Start Now singer will hit the road to play the first big-budget tour of her career.


The Don’t Start Now singer will hit the road to play the first big-budget tour of her career.

Lady Gaga and Shawn Mendes are among the singers who have filmed behind-the-scenes touring documentaries for Netflix, including Gaga’s Five Foot Two, released in 2017, and Shawn’s In Wonder, released in 2020.

Pink followed suit last May with the release of Everything I Know So far for Amazon Prime.

And Madonna, with whom Dua collaborated and cited her as a source of inspiration, directed her documentary Truth Or Dare, which was considered groundbreaking when it was released in 1991.

On the tour, Dua works with the same team that staged her impressive live performance on Studio 2054 in November 2020.

It has been watched by nearly two million people and has received rave reviews, so I have no doubt that the upcoming show will be even more impressive.

Her Future Nostalgia tour will kick off in Miami on February 9, almost two years later than planned due to the pandemic.

Dua’s performances at the Brits and Grammy in recent years have proven to be one of the most impressive female performers in the game.

So I’m looking forward to big things when the tour finally arrives in the UK on April 15th.

Drunk Brits, how labels get big

There were no wild parties for the winners after last year’s Brit Awards, and Covid’s strict rules meant artists couldn’t afford to relax.

But I was told that record bosses will more than make up for this this year and will spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on lavish parties after the ceremony at London’s O2 Arena on February 8th.

Adele has been nominated for several awards at this year's Brit Awards.


Adele has been nominated for several awards at this year’s Brit Awards.

Warner, Sony and Universal have rented some of the capital’s most exclusive venues and promised to treat them to drinks to convince some of the world’s biggest stars to fly to the event.

The nominees they hope to seduce include Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Taylor Swift.

A music insider told me, “This time, all systems are working.

“All labels have booked fancy seats to celebrate their success after the awards ceremony.

“Safety remains a priority and Covid passes are likely to be required.

“But parties are officially back on the agenda.

“One label went so far as to fully book a 5-star hotel in central London.

“After 24 months with the industry on its knees, everyone is desperate to have fun and look forward to the future.”

The Masked Singer comedian and judge Mo Gilligan will take over from Jack Whitehall after four consecutive years.

I, for one, can’t wait to dust off my tuxedo, even if the thought of a hangover fills me with dread.

Miley and Mike behind it

Miley Cyrus has worked with hit producer Mike Will Done It on her landmark 2013 album Bangerz, and now the two are back together.

They spent some time in the studio last week and now Mike has revealed that they are working on a sequel to her 2020 rock album Plastic Hearts.

He tweeted: “We’re on everlasting progressive rock with more hits coming soon.”

She is one of the most exciting and charismatic stars in pop music, so never mind

Miley is out this year, hopefully she gets on stage to perform it live.

Miley has not toured the world since 2014 and has hardly performed here since, with the exception of a few one-off shows, including an impressive performance at Glastonbury in 2019.

If she can finish her next album in time to return to Worthy Farm in June, I have no doubt that Miley will be welcomed with open arms.

Blue Monday, Ashley?

Ashley Roberts didn’t look too blue in this attention-grabbing coat yesterday, despite the sensational news that the Pussycat Dolls reunion tour has been canceled.

As she smiled as she left Heart Radio in central London, bandmate Nicole Scherzinger got into a verbal squabble with band founder Robin Antin.

Ashley Roberts was wearing an eye-catching blue coat when it was announced that the PCD reunion tour would be canceled.


Ashley Roberts was wearing an eye-catching blue coat when it was announced that the PCD reunion tour would be canceled.

Their fight last year is believed to have derailed the Dolls tour.

At the same time, Robin wrote on Instagram about “personal and financial sacrifices.” … … being a team player in a group “, Nick liked the comment that said,” Busy, busy and not at all bothered by gaslighting a particular choreographer! “

These cats had all nine lives.

Duncan feels blue because of the video

By the end of the year, BLUE will gain traction by embarking on a massive UK tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their early career.

But in the meantime, the guys are making ends meet selling personalized videos online, although some make more money than others.

Blue members sell personalized videos online.


Blue members sell personalized videos online.

All Rise vocalists Lee Ryan, Anthony Costa, Simon Webb and Duncan James signed up to Memmo, where fans can buy video messages recorded for them.

And it is Lee who makes the most money, charging £ 70 apiece.
Anthony and Simon get £ 40 for each message with poor old Duncan at the end of the heap.

He made them for £ 50 a piece, but has now reduced his fee to just £ 25.
Blue will be supporting Atomic Kitten on the September tour, but I’m wondering who is more popular.

Natasha Hamilton of the girl group is also on duty, sending out her messages for a hefty £ 60 fee.

Considering that tickets for their tour cost less, you’d better watch the show and wait at the service entrance.

Hit hard

BEYONSE certainly needed a lot of talcum powder to shape her in this skin-tight PVC dress.

Standing in front of a trophy collection, Bey caught the eye of a new promo for her Ivy Park clothing line.

Beyonce shows off her famous forms in a skin-tight PVC dress


Beyonce shows off her famous forms in a skin-tight PVC dress

She is poised to finally release her seventh studio album in the coming months, six years after chart-topping Lemonade, in which she targeted husband Jay-Z for alleged cheating.

I’m sure he won’t make this mistake twice.

Other stars who are set to return with new albums in 2022 include Harry Styles, Mabel, and Lewis Capaldi. I have high hopes for the coming year.

Dua Lipa strips down to her bikini for a night swim in a hot tub

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