Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Shares Her Experience Of Flurona And Why Ratatouille Is Different

Influencer and reality TV star Sadie Robertson recently told everyone via post on instagram what she is grateful for and how her faith has grown since the beginning of 2022. From fighting COVID-19 to film Ratatouille goes broke for her, Duck dynasty the cast survived less than two weeks before the new year.

Robertson posted a short video of her husband Christian Huff holding their daughter Honey in front of a shop window on the street. She then explained the recent events and how she did not let them upset her.


In her post, she also stated that more information on the issues encountered will be available on their video blog. At the time of publication, no other information regarding her Instagram post had been discussed.

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Robertson battled health problems and destruction in her home

Following recent surveillance of COVID cases, Robertson announced that she was battling “fluron,” a combination of influenza and COVID-19. She also admitted that she did not attend the Passion 2022 conference in Atlanta, but was grateful that she could still give a speech remotely online.

Unfortunately, she continued in a caption to her Instagram post, saying that there was another problem upon arriving home. “We got a call and said that a couple of rats had invaded our house, and these little guys were doing some work. So we cannot go home. ” She went on to outline how the family felt about the situation, writing, “This is disgusting and we are tired of being sick and not at home.”


Luckily, the Duck Dynasty star and her family are doing their best with their situation.

After mentioning the big negatives of the new year, Robertson revealed how happy she is to be still involved in what she was forced to miss. “I was so grateful that God gave me the strength to continue preaching my message in an empty room, even though I was so sick. My faith has grown so much from this experience. “

Passion conferences are being held in multiple locations, with the 2022 Atlanta conference being the first this year. Robertson and her husband planned to perform there in person. Due to her diagnosis, they performed in an almost empty hall. Their speech, like the whole conference, available for viewing on their website

After her post on Instagram, many celebrities and media personalities commented on her. Christian musician Cecily said, “Come on! Thanks God. Another sister crushed him! – prayers for complete healing. ” Former Bachelor member Madison Prewett also commented on the post, saying, “You’re awesome !!”

The celebrity continues to be actively present on social networks, like the entire Robertson family. Her upcoming book, who are you following? will be out next month. Robertson takes THIS IS A GOOD Podcast, with new episodes almost every week.

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