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EXCLUSIVE: Vertical Entertainment has continued its feature film investment strategy by completing pre-funding and securing distribution rights in North America and the UK/Ireland. Sam and Kate, a family drama starring Oscar winners Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek. The film, written and directed by Darren Le Gallo, which also stars the former actor’s son Jake Hoffman and the latter’s daughter Schuyler Fisk, is due out on November 11.

Le Gallo’s directorial debut is set in a small town in the heart of the country. Hoffman plays Bill, the prominent father of Sam (Jake Hoffman), who has returned home to take care of his ailing father. While at home, Sam falls in love with a local resident, Kate (Schuyler Fisk). And at the same time, Bill begins to fall in love with his mother Tina (Spacek). But finding love is hard, and for these four, this is no exception. They all must confront their past in order to make their new love work for the future.

Le Gallo produced Sam and Kate along with Ben Shields Katlin, Orian Williams, Ford Corbett and Cindy Brew of Volition Media. Executive Producers: Amy Adams and Stacey O’Neill of Bond Group Entertainment, Peter Jarowee of Vertical, Rich Goldberg and Mitch Badin, Ryan Donnell Smith, Emily Salveson, Nathan Klinger, Vanessa Yoa Guo, Adam Beasley and Michael Jefferson of Volition Media, Steven Kelliher of Bankside and Yana Georgiev, Ryan Winterstern and Caroline Konner. Bankside Films is selling the rights to the film overseas.

“We are very happy that we started earlier Sam and Kate, not only for funding, but also for distribution,” said Vertical Entertainment’s Jarowee. “Darren wrote a wonderful script and brought it to life with an absolutely amazing cast and production team. It is currently in post-production and we can’t wait to share it with moviegoers.”

“It’s been a very personal and emotional journey from script to production, which is why we’re so excited to be working with Vertical,” Katlin said. “They understood from the start what we were trying to create and aggressively supported Darren’s vision.”

“I am incredibly grateful to Vertical for partnering and working together on my first film, and also for the fact that the audience will have the opportunity to see it in theaters,” added Le Gallo. “It was such a surreal experience and I am so humbled and grateful for the amazing cast and crew we have put together. I’m looking forward to when it comes out.”

Vertical Entertainment, founded in 2012, also recently acquired Brad Anderson’s horror film. Blood, starring Michelle Monaghan and Skeet Ulrich; Drama by Chris Naoki Lee dinner party; thriller Delia is gone, starring Stefan James and Marisa Tomei; Comedy by Tom Harp Donor Party; Katie Holmes Romantic Drama “Tribeca” alone together; and political satire dream land, featuring Sheila Vand, Matt Dillon and others who also bowed to Tribeca. The company has published a photo of John Patton Ford with Sundance 2022. Emily the Outlawstarring Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi, along with Roadside Attractions on 12 August.

Peter Jaroui and Tony Piantedosi negotiated Sam and Kate deal on behalf of Vertical Entertainment, with WME Independent on behalf of the filmmakers.

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