Each 2021 superhero movie ranked worst to best

What a year it has been for films.

The film industry continued to face some challenges in 2021 due to the pandemic, but despite the difficulties, we still managed to get a bunch of superhero movies.

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The genre continued to dominate movie theaters and streaming services, and while they enjoyed great success, there were some serious blunders as well. Now that the year has come to a close, let’s take a look at my list, which lists all the 2021 superhero movies.


Thunderous power

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It was another bad bomb for Melissa McCarthy and her director / husband Ben Falcone. Despite featuring the talented McCarthy and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, the film received harsh reviews, receiving a 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While this is one of the few films in recent years to feature superheroes in large sizes, it still hasn’t been able to achieve the success that premise deserves with its final product. However, Jason Bateman plays the guy with the crab hands, that’s all.


Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins

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While we weren’t expecting anything terrific from J.E. Joe’s film, the trailers showed some promise with its cast and special effects. But despite the performances and visuals, Worse than ever still comes out with mixed reviews, people criticize the story and the scenes of its action. In the end, this film failed to reach the commercial and critical heights of Marvel and DC with what was to be the beginning of its own cinematic universe.


Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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This sequel was a significant improvement over the original as the filmmakers fully realized the ridiculousness of its premise and highlighted the dynamics of the extravagance between Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote. At the same time, it features an unforgettably terrifying rendition of Woody Harrelson as the villainous Massacre. While more time could have been spent exploring the characters and their motives, it was still a very enjoyable film proving the potential of Sony’s Spider-Man universe. And that post-credits scene alone was enough to get us all excited about what the franchise had in store for us.



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This space epic was the fallacious but ambitious work of Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao and Marvel Studios. While it had a lot of impressive visuals and thought-provoking themes, Eternal suffered from a confusing story and the need to juggle many new characters at the same time. However, the filmmakers turned what could have been a normal battle of the elements between the Eternals and the Deviants into a much more interesting battle between the characters themselves. Hopefully we can see how Zhao improves on this film as a sequel director, preferably featuring some Eater of Worlds.


Black Widow

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After being pushed aside for a year, viewers finally saw Marvel return to the big screen with the highly anticipated standalone Black Widow movie. Introducing a captivating story with battle scenes that hit like a hammer, Black Widow A heartbreaking and moving film that serves as a fitting end to Scarlett Johanssen’s run through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also gave us our new favorite character Elena Belova from Florence Pugh.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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After his revolutionary achievement with Black PantherMarvel has taken it one step further in promoting diversity in Hollywood with this blockbuster. As the first Asian superhero film, Shang-Chi was an unforgettable introduction to the once-little-known Marvel hero, featuring some of the best action scenes ever seen in a superhero movie. Awkwafina, Meng’er Zhang, and Tony Leung also cast us in memorable roles as Katy, Xu Xialing, and villainous Xu Wenu, respectively.


Suicide squad

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James Gunn is really crazy about it. After the critically scanned Suicide squadThis soft reboot follows the main team as they are tasked with traveling to an island nation and destroying all traces of the alien starfish, Starro. Paying homage to 70s war films and comic book source material, Suicide squad lifted the franchise with their gorgeous graphics, soulful storyline and witty humor. And James Gunn proved that he can make a great movie about everything.


Justice League Zach Snyder

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Warner Bros. really amazed when they gave up on this film. After four years of online campaigning, fans finally saw a version of Zach Snyder. Justice Leagueand boy, he didn’t disappoint. This director’s cut, which includes a huge amount of cut material with a more developed character and updated visual design, is a completely new film that surpasses the much-maligned theatrical cut.

All in all, Zach Snyder gave the audience a four-hour superhero epic that rivals him. Lord of the Rings and made him truly mine. While Warner Bros. may never have #RestoretheSnyderVerse, Snyder’s greatest work made a lasting impression, and it seemed like a great way for a director to leave the franchise. His film will undoubtedly go down in film history as the film that shook the industry as a whole.


Spider-Man: No Way Home

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In addition to Avengers EndgameThis movie was the most anticipated superhero movie of all time. Leaving the audience for a grand cliffhang in Far from homeEveryone was eager to see what Peter Parker would do to a world that suddenly found out he was Spider-Man. On top of that, we’ve seen villains from past Spider-Man films get sucked into the MCU for all-out war.

No way home was a bold undertaking for Marvel, as it could collapse under the weight of its ambitious idea or rely too heavily on the provision of fan services. But somehow director John Watts and Marvel Studios have managed to create one of the best superhero films in history. This entire movie is a celebration of what made Spider-Man so great, opening up new possibilities for the web, setting the stage for great new adventures with him for years to come.

Do you agree with this list? Were there any films that, in your opinion, should be given a different rating? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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