East New York’s unique approach to criminal justice impressed everyone

As Amanda Warren’s character approaches her new role as section chief with equal sensitivity and perseverance, she comes to terms with the fact that, as Captain Stan Yenko (Richard Kind) points out, East New York has “a little bit of everything.” and that she should respond accordingly. First, she realizes that she must do more to understand the locals. Thus, she convinces Officer Brandi Quinlan (Olivia Luccardi) to move into local housing. This plot device, in part, signals that Warren’s character, Regina, is committed to making a difference in her neighborhood.


East New York also manages to integrate poignant questions into its stories without creating much narrative pressure. The show includes honest, realistic depictions of a department constrained by limited resources and unnecessary turf battles. There is even a moment when a younger black cop asks his older partner why he stopped a black man on the road. This is all a departure from past cop shows that tended to glorify cops and cover up your shortcomings.

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