EastEnders’ Natalie Cassidy gives fans a rare look at her huge country mansion as she poses next to the holiday door.

NATHALIE Cassidy faced several challenges both on and off screen after playing EastEnders’ favorite Sonia Fowler – and recently spent Christmas in Hell after discovering the con artist Rocky was not her father.

But while her character lives in a restless house in Albert Square, the 38-year-old actress is leading a more idyllic country-house lifestyle.

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Natalie Cassidy posed for her amazing holiday show[/caption]

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The TV star gave fans the opportunity to look into her house[/caption]

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Natalie shares the secret of her successful relationship with Mark Humphries[/caption]

Natalie often provides fans with the latest information on her family life on social media, where she is regularly spotted vacationing with her family after a long day of filming for the series.

She recently posed next to her beautifully decorated holiday door, along with her daughters Eliza and Joanie and her two nieces.

She wrote: “Look at my girls. My beautiful daughters and my beautiful nieces. Absolutely blessed. The door of the brilliant company @thedoordisplay. I was so worried that this Christmas it would be sad without my dad. But it was absolutely perfect. Thanks to the best family in the world. “

Earlier this year, Natalie opened up about her love life by sharing a cute photo with her partner Mark Humphries, from which she wrote: “I was very lucky, and so was he. That’s why it works. “

Inside the stunning set, the kitchen seems to be the heart of the house: the actress posts pictures with her children, cooks, enjoys a cup of coffee, or receives large bouquets of flowers arranged on a black granite countertop.

This rustic oasis features antique wood floors, white wood cabinets with silver handles, a dishwasher, electric stove, coffee maker and a chic wood table.

Meanwhile, the cozy living room features a large fireplace, extra-wide-screen TV, wood flooring and eye-catching floral wallpaper.

Natalie as Sonya Fowler in EastEnders

The actress’s kitchen became the heart of her home.

The granite countertop is adorned with Chanel flowers and perfume.

Natalie Jo Malone’s candle adds a twist

The TV star is clearly proud of her home.

These are complete kitchen gadgets and tasteful decor.

Her living room is decorated with dramatic wallpaper.

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And there is a huge fireplace and a widescreen TV.

There are many unusual works of art

And the actress is a partial whimsical piece of art that features a philosophical quote, as there are several works to be seen scattered throughout the house.

One of the works says: “It’s better to be loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life.”

Another says: “Live like heaven on earth. Love as if you have never been wronged. Laugh as if no one is listening. Sing as if nobody hears. Dance like no one is watching.

“Dream as if nothing is impossible. Play as if there are no winners. Give as if you have a lot. Smile until your face hurts. Take care of your family and friends every day. “

What are the features of philosophical quotes

Her house is the perfect backdrop for her social media shots.

And perfect for entertaining guests.

Natalie lives with her fiancé Mark Humphries and their two children, Joanie and Eliza.

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The actress jumped three stones ahead of the April London marathon
Rex Features

There are also many personal touches decorating the pillow, including the seven dwarfs of Snow White lined up on the windowsill.

Meanwhile, candles from designer Jo Malone can be seen in the living room adding luxury.

Natalie shares a home with her fiancé Mark Humphries, their two-year-old daughter Joanie, and their eight-year-old first daughter Eliza, whom she shares with her ex-Adam Cottrell.

The screen star joked that she was “not Mrs. Hinch,” referring to a cleaning guru when she showed off newly refurbished beds for her kids, as well as fresh floral bedspreads.

The EastEnders actress has a lot of personality in her home, including the Seven Dwarfs stuffed toy.

Natalie joked that she was “not Mrs. Hinch” when she showed the baby blankets.

Natalie’s garden seems to be a place of serenity

Evelyn’s stone tribute nestles among the foliage in her garden.


Christmas at Cassidy’s house looks cozy[/caption]

Natalie’s house was also a temporary salon during the quarantine.


Outside, the garden is a serene space with dense grass and tall wooden fences for added privacy.

There is also a tribute to a lady named Evelyn in the form of a stone plank nestled among the foliage.

The soap actress admitted that she was “finally comfortable” with her body after losing three racks ahead of the April London Marathon.

She said: “I learned to eat and feel comfortable with who I am … As you age, you become wiser and I feel much more confident and comfortable.”

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