Ed Sheeran will embark on his European tour in a VW electric van to stay green

ED SHIRAN presented the next step in his environmentally conscious future.

The singer plans to drive part of the European leg of his upcoming tour in a Volkswagen electric van – if VW can pick one up.


Ed Sheeran presented the next step towards a sustainable future
The singer plans to drive part of the European leg of his upcoming tour in a Volkswagen electric van.


The singer plans to drive part of the European leg of his upcoming tour in a Volkswagen electric van.

The move comes after Ed revealed last week how he was on a UK renaissance mission in an attempt to offset the carbon footprint of his tour.

Ed, who will be joined by his wife Cherry and their 16-month-old daughter Lyra on the way, explained, “I’m talking to VW about an electric van.

“I want to go to every show as electrified as possible. The baby goes on tour with me.

“It was really tiring at the beginning of my career. You will play five concerts in a row and get one day off.

“But the luxury of playing these big venues is that nobody comes out in the middle of the week, so they should be on the weekend.

“So every week is Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We’re going to find time in every city. “

Ed kicks off his math tour on April 23rd in Dublin, and after a series of massive UK performances on July 7th, he will travel to mainland Europe, which kicks off in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

In a new interview with Willie Geist on US television, Ed also hinted that he was preparing to announce further dates, adding, “I don’t think the tour will stop, I’m going to be traveling for a while.”

Ed, whose album Equals will hit its third week at # 1 on Friday, is currently finishing his gigs on September 25 with three straight nights in Frankfurt, Germany.

Other places in the city include Amsterdam, the Swedish capital Gothenburg and Paris – so I’m sure Ed won’t want this to end.

He is the latest big name to try to make his tours of the planet friendlier.

They were all … green

In October, COLDPLAY revealed how their upcoming Music Of Spheres world tour, which kicks off March 18 in Costa Rica, Central America, will be powered by solar power, waste vegetable oil and kinetic stadium floors.

The group, led by Chris Martin, also announced that they will plant a tree for every ticket sold and that fans can help out the concerts by riding kinetic bikes scattered across venues to replenish energy supplies.

Now for them all to abandon their private jets that consume gasoline. … …

Singer Dan’s film plan

BASTILLE frontman Dan Smith is making his foray into film making after years of using films and TV channels as inspiration for the band’s songs.

The singer co-directed the music video for their song No Bad Days last year and hinted that there are bigger projects on the horizon besides music.

Bastille frontman Dan Smith makes foray into filmmaking


Bastille frontman Dan Smith makes foray into filmmaking

In an exclusive chat, he said: “I am currently working on a lot of things that use music, but are very much suited to the world of film and television.

“This is what I grew up obsessed with.

“I was such a little movie fan as a kid and I love it, so the opportunity to make a video was really amazing.

“I always wanted to do it, but we always tried to combine everything.

“It took me a little more time and space due to the lack of tours to make me think, ‘I have to do this now.’ I want to do it now. “

“It was really a revelation.”

Dan, whose fourth album Give Me The Future is out on February 4, added: “I would like to work more in this world, and I think we live in a time when people are less trapped in confined spaces.”


Sun Instagram image download champagnepapi 131959jpg JS703352538

DRAKE fans were pleased that he was Way 2 Sexy after he shared this cut-down shot.

The rapper, who dominated the charts with his sixth album Certified Lover Boy last year, showed off his torn body while attending the gym.

Dressed in these bright green shorts, Drake directed his inner influencer by smoldering on the machine.

However, I must not ridicule his efforts. After all, this time I didn’t even have to go to the gym anymore on my list of New Year’s promises.

Kylie’s Star Clue

IF you are like me – see story above – and need some inspiration to stick with the New Year’s resolution and exercise more, just know that Kylie Minogue claims that being active is what keeps her young.

Well, that’s along with a ton of stylists and seasoned photographers.

Kylie said,


Kylie said, “I try not to give in to pressure to stay forever young.”

When asked about her secret to gracefully aging, 53-year-old singer Love At First Sight replied, “Keep moving! Not if it were that easy.

“There are many secrets, let’s call them ‘professional gimmicks,’ and I learned a lot of them along the way.

“Good glamor, light, good team, good angles and style.

“It’s smoke and mirrors, but I also try to take good care of myself.”

In an interview in India, she added: “I try not to succumb to pressure to stay forever young.

“I feel like I have almost the same enthusiasm for life and work, if not more.”

E plans to Dondu 2

Kanye West is working on a sequel to his 2021 album Donda, creatively titled Donda 2.

Last year’s 27-track album was eventually released in August after a series of delays, and has now been confirmed by Stephen Victor of his record label Universal that it will be released soon.

Last year, Kanye officially changed his name to Ye, and Steven said, “Ye started work on his new masterpiece, Donda 2.”

In recent days, the rapper seemed to be flirting more than working after being photographed with two women, one of whom was actress Julia Fox, whom he is now believed to be dating.

But if he’s trying to make his ex-wife Kim Kardashian jealous, it probably won’t work.

She just flew to the Bahamas during a romantic break with her boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson.

Meet again


THEY may have had one of the most successful comebacks in 2021, but JLS say neither Simon Cowell nor their former X Factor mentor Louis Walsh extended their congratulations.

The duo helped make Marvin Hume, Aston Merrygold, JB Gill and Oritse Williams big names when they appeared on the show in 2008.

Marvin told me, “We haven’t heard from Louis or Simon, but they are both busy people.

“It would have been nice to catch up with Louis while we were touring Ireland, but we were in a bubble so we didn’t see anyone.

“We just went back to the hotel, sat in our rooms and played poker.”

We thrill Lily in her companions

EMILY In Paris, star Lily Collins looked like she cut one of her character’s eye-catching outfits when she wore these co-stars on the Ellen DeGeneres TV show in the US.

She talked about her whirlwind romance with her filmmaker husband Charles McDowell, whom she married in Colorado in September.

Lily Collins looked like she'd hurt one of her character's attractive outfits.


Lily Collins looked like she’d hurt one of her character’s attractive outfits.

Lily, daughter of rocker Phil Collins, said it was “one of those silly but real things of love at first sight.”

No less good, as her upcoming thriller Windfall – about a couple who arrives at a country house and finds themselves robbed – is filmed by her new husband.

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