Elizabeth Chambers urged accuser Armie Hammer to speak out: details

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An unexpected partnership? Elizabeth Chambers encouraged one of the ex-husbands Armie HammerAccusers release her allegations of sexual harassment, source says Us weekly.

Social network The 36-year-old actor made headlines in January 2021 after multiple women shared screenshots of posts in which he allegedly detailed sexual fantasies. Two months later a woman named Effi Angelova claimed that Hammer “brutally” raped her in 2017, which he denied. Speaking at a press conference, Angelova stated that she and Gossip alum was close from 2016 to 2020. (Hammer and Chambers, 40, announced their split in July 2020 after 10 years of marriage.)

According to an insider, “Elizabeth was the one who initially hooked up with Effy when Armie and Effy were having a consensual affair.”

Earlier this month, Angelova shared screenshots of alleged messages she received from Chambers, who allegedly urged Angelova to go public with her accusations after claiming to have found a “mistake” in Hammer’s NDA. In another alleged text, Chambers called her now estranged husband a “terrible psychopath”, going on to claim that Hammer “used the BDSM community as a haven to commit rape and abuse”.

Chambers and call me by your name The star shares 7-year-old daughter Harper and 5-year-old son Ford. Angelova shared on Instagram another screenshot of a message allegedly sent by the owner of Bird Bakery, in which she wrote: “I really need custody of my precious children. Do you think you could make a statement this week? All of this will be private.”

The Texas native allegedly added, “I don’t mean to pressure you, but your understanding is much deeper than anyone else’s.”

A representative for Chambers denied that she forced Angelova to come forward. “Given the scope and nature of the allegations, Elizabeth sought to determine their veracity. She was very sensitive to all parties involved,” the spokesperson said in a statement to Us. “The safety and well-being of their children remains her priority.”

Months after Angelova went public with her allegations, Hammer checked himself into a rehab facility in Florida due to problems with drugs, alcohol and sex. His lawyer confirmed Us in December 2021, Hammer left the facility and is “feeling great”.

Chambers, for her part, recently left with a new fascination. Ricardas Kazinetsalthough she Death on the Nile the actor has not filed for his divorce yet. Earlier this month, the TV presenter opened up about her co-parenting with Hammer. E! News that the two are “really in a great place” when it comes to raising their children.

“We talk all the time. We are totally committed to our children and to spending as much time together as possible in an unromantic way for our children. Children need their mother; kids need a dad. So we won’t do anything,” she explained. “ARMY was focused on his healing. … It will make him the best father, the best person he can be. After all, that’s the goal.”

Hammer has tried to hide amidst his scandals, but recently he’s been back in the spotlight thanks to a Discovery+ documentary. Hammer Housewho delved into his family’s past. Several alleged victims of Hammer’s abuse were featured in the document, which Chambers watched without his children.

“Obviously it was heartbreaking on many levels and very painful,” she said. E! News. “But at the same time it exists. … I consider myself a feminist and stand in solidarity with all who have been victims of any kind and hope they find a cure. I’m not here, like, “My life is beautiful,” because it has already turned into hell a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Angelova made a sharp statement about the Discovery+ series. “It is a pity that Elizabeth, like the producers Hammer Housewants to capitalize on someone else’s injury. She can’t call herself a feminist when her ‘best friend’ is a rapist,” she said, apparently referring to Chambers’ original July 2020 split statement. “Those who need healing are the victims, not the perpetrators.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, contact National Sexual Assault Hotline call 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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