Elizabeth Smart Shares “Heartbreaking” Insight Into Gabby Petito Case

Elizabeth Smart. Sharing your heartfelt feelings. Gabby Petito.Death.

On Wednesday, October 13, Elizabeth was a guest on Facebook Watch. Red table talk., Where 33-year-old kidnapping survivor Told co-hosts Jada Punct Smith. And Adrian Benfield-Norris. How situations like Gabby make him feel. Gabby was. Confirmation of death on September 21 Her remains were found after a cross-country road trip with her fianc. Brian Laundry..

“Especially in the case of Gabby – I mean, I was alive, and I came home, and that, sadly, didn’t end that way,” Elizabeth said. “But to know what it’s like to be on the other side, and what could possibly happen and what might reach his last moments, and maybe he understands a lot of what he’s feeling, it’s heartbreaking. Is going to. “

When Jeddah asked if she always hoped to escape, Elizabeth replied with a smile, “I always wanted to escape. I don’t know if I always had hope. Of course there were some dark times.” Elizabeth was abducted from her Utah home in June 2002 at the age of 14 before being returned to her family nine months later.

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