Elle and Joel, who quit The Block, ‘hung up’ on Fitzy & Wippa

Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull, who have left The Block, remain dead silent amid questions about their exit from the reenactment show after just 48 hours.

And in an attempt to finally hear their side of the story, Nova’s Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfly called the Sydney couple this week, but things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Radio duo cheered Block to invite Scott Cam to his show on Thursday after his repeated public sprays at an Instagram influencer and retired AFL player when Whippa told Cam that they tried to contact Elle and Joel the day before.

“We called them yesterday Scotty, we can’t even play audio because there’s nothing to play,” Wippa said.

Fitzi further stated, “Elle picked up the phone and said, ‘This is Joel’s phone.’ And I said, “Hi Elle, we’re looking for Joel, this is Fitzy and Whipp.” And then Joel walks in and says, “Hey, how are you guys?” And we introduced ourselves again, and then bam, he left. He hung up. he is not a fan [our] show.”

Cam was busy with the couple throwing in the towel so quickly at the shoot, calling it “poor as hell” and “non-Australian” despite reports they left to take care of. Joel’s mother who suffered a nasty autumn in Adelaide.

Under understandable circumstances, many wondered why Cam was so passionate about attacking them.

Speaking to news.com.au ahead of The Tree Change season premiere next week, a Channel 9 spokesperson said his frustration stemmed from the couple raising sticks in the middle of the night “without explanation.”

“They didn’t give us a reason why they were leaving. They never told us anything about visiting their sick mother,” Cam said.

“Actually, we sent them to Adelaide before Block started for a week and put them up in a hotel so they could see (Joel’s mother) and they came back and said, “It’s all right.”

According to Cam, the cast and crew were stunned when Joel and Elle disappeared.

“They never spoke to us, they just left in the middle of the night,” he said, adding: “I still don’t know why they left. They never mentioned their sick mother 48 hours before or after departure. The executive producer spoke to them (after they left) and then they didn’t mention their sick mother either.”

Following his comments Fitzy and WippaCam said the network would “stop production” to allow Elle and Joel to see their family.

“You know, come and talk to me and just tell me,” he said. “We would take them apart. Because a couple of years ago, Beck from Beck and George, a great couple, contestants on Block … Her mom passed away during the show and we closed the whole show for a week.

“We brought them all back and started again when she was ready, we would close for two weeks if she needed it.”

Cam revealed that Elle and Joel did express some concerns to the executive producer just hours before the escape, and that their sudden disappearance caused “chaos” on set.

“We had a promo day that day. It was a Saturday morning, 50 or 60 people from Sydney came to visit us. Whole gang with trucks and everything. And we are missing two participants,” he said.

“So we had to reshoot a lot of stuff and it was a real mess.”

Elle and Joel have yet to make official comments.

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