Ellen DeGeneres’ Latest Episode: 6 Celebs Should Apologize

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has come to an end after more than a decade. But there are some celebrities the host still needs to apologize to.

By now, you’ve either heard that the Ellen DeGeneres talk show has come to an end, or you’ve been living under a rock.

While it’s undeniable that the series was iconic in many ways, and it had moments that had a huge impact for the right reasons – during the final episode, DeGeneres even shared that she wasn’t allowed to use the word “gay.” When the show first aired in 2003, there was a reason DeGeneres was canceled long before the actual show took place.

This reason was mostly due to the staff’s allegations of on-set abuse, a bit to do with comparing lockdown to prison while she lived in her giant mansion with a huge yard, and partly to the celebrities she did dirty on her show.

1. Taylor Swift

I only listen to three Taylor Swift songs, but I will defend this woman all day. Like the rest of the world, DeGeneres loved to jump on the train of shame when it came to Swift and her romantic life, which they would never do with a man.

DeGeneres wasn’t the only person to brood, but her insistence on what makes Swift feel so uncomfortable that it looks like she’s almost crying is hard to watch. Leave Swift alone.

2. Nikki Tutorials

Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials was invited to the show after she was forced to come out as a trans woman to her followers due to threats she received without permission.

While the interview itself went well, NikkieTutorials later criticized DeGeneres for her horrendous treatment backstage.

During a conversation with the Dutch publication, she called the presenter “aloof and cold.” &FROM.

She went on to detail that instead of a warm welcome, she was only “welcomed by an angry intern who was a little overworked”, and that she “wasn’t allowed to use the nearby restroom because it was reserved for the Jonas Brothers”. Instead, to make it clear how appreciated she is as a guest, she was sent to public toilets.

3. Mariah Carey

Carey appeared on the show in 2008 and DeGeneres used the interview to push her into announcing her pregnancy.

At first, DeGeneres simply pointed out that there were pregnancy rumors, but when Carey responded, “Don’t discuss it,” DeGeneres tried to get Carey to lose her temper by toasting her not being pregnant with champagne.

This is all very cringe worthy, and the fact that Carey miscarried shortly after the interview is another example of why commenting on a woman’s body during pregnancy is never okay.

After allegations of workplace toxicity emerged, Carey said in an interview with Vulture that “I was extremely uncomfortable at that moment – that’s all I can say. And it was really hard for me to deal with the aftermath.”

4. Dakota Johnson

The clip went viral as people praised Dakota Johnson for standing up for herself when DeGeneres tried to portray her as the bad guy on air.

In fact, this clip essentially started a spiral of people sharing their claims about a toxic work culture, so Johnson really paved the way for lesser known people to speak up.

5. Hassan Minghai

As someone with a name that literally no one can pronounce, I fully understand that some names you haven’t seen before can be difficult to pronounce – so you ask for correction, correct your mistake, and everyone moves on (ideally).

However, when you’re hosting one of the biggest talk shows in America, it’s important to learn how to pronounce your guests’ names—if not for professionalism, then at least for respect.

Not only did stand-up comedian and political commentator Hassan Minhaj have to teach DeGeneres how to pronounce his name correctly during interviews, she kept on mocking him incorrectly on several occasions.

Minhai was the absolute champion in this; laughing at it, wondering out loud why people can remember complicated white celebrity names (note: this is racist), and even answering a question about what he did at Starbucks: “I just call Timothée Chalamet.”

6. Lea Thompson

After employees reported workplace toxicity, Back to the Future Actress Lea Thompson responded on Twitter to the article People wherein Everyone loves Raymond Actor Brad Garrett claimed that the toxicity was “common knowledge” and that he knew “more than one person she treated horribly”.

Thompson never went into details, but her two-word response makes it clear that something has gone wrong: “True story. It”.

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