Ellen DeGeneres reflects on ending her talk show after 19 years: ‘I cried every day’

Ellen DeGeneres looks back on his career.

In a new interview with THRThe comedian and host opened up about her daytime talk show that ended after 19 years.

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“I knew this season would be my last, so I really tried to take everything into account,” she told the publication. “And it’s funny because the last couple of months I’ve been more emotional than the last week or two. I was very emotional for two months but last week I wasn’t because I really just wanted to enjoy it. I worked with [former monk] Jay Shetty a lot, too, on the presence, and I was. I was present at all this.

Ellen also talked about what it was like watching so many of her guests get emotional during her latest performances.

“I mean, it was very flattering because it meant they really enjoyed my show and that was always my intention. And so for people like Zac Efron to get emotional – I mean, he really shed a tear, but there are so many people on the show that have grown up and that’s why [response] It was very flattering,” she said. “[Doing press] is a necessary evil in this business. You do the work and then you have to go out and talk about it and people ask questions over and over again and I come from that side of the business and I always thought, “How can I do this better? , more fun for people?’

She went on to say that “there was a time after a couple of months when I cried every day” while waiting for the show to end.

“I was very emotional, although it was my choice, and this is the right choice. I knew it was time to end this chapter and do something else, but it was still very emotional. But I didn’t want the last two weeks to be about that. I thought every day about my intention and how much I want to be present and enjoy it, and I wanted that for the public as well. I wanted people to remember what we brought to TV with music and games and everything. It felt more like a variety show than anything else and I wanted the last two weeks to be pure entertainment because I struggle with anxiety and depression and I know how important it is to have an escape. We are reminded every single day of what is happening in the world, from a sick family member to wars, fires and global warming. There are so many different things that make you sad.” Ellen general.

She continued, “And I struggle with it. And sometimes it’s hard for me to even go out and do a show, because I think, “How can I have fun when someone is suffering?” And then I realize it’s one hour a day when I’m helping someone who needs to escape, just like me. That’s what I hope everyone got from the show and remember it.”

Ellen also cited some advice she received from Oprahwho found herself in a similar situation as her own show was coming to an end.

“She said she was sorry [not taking time off when her talk show ended], but at the same time she was launching her network,” the comedian said. “So, it was a bad timing on her part because she really needed time to sit down and think. I will try to follow her advice: “Do nothing for a year.” No matter how good the offer is, just sit there for a year.” And I’ll tell you, I have an incredible offer right now that I received months before I graduated. It’s very, very hard to say no, and I’m asking you to put it off because I’m really trying to sit still.”

As for whether she regretted ending the show during her farewell season, Ellen Said no. This is exactly the right time. The world is in a crazy place… And you know, I was going to quit three years ago, and they talked me into staying a little longer, and I did it, and everything is fine. A lot of unfortunate things have happened during this time, but that’s the way it is – you go through different things in life and you just keep learning and growing. That’s how I should look at it. But it’s definitely time to stop.”

If you missed it you can see Oprahlast appearance on Ellen here.

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