Elliot Page Addresses the ‘Unfortunate’ Negativity He Got After Switching

Elliot Page spoke about his transition in a new interview, sharing the joy he experienced at this stage in his life.

But he also had to deal with the “unfortunate” negativity he received after the transition.

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Well, actor Elliot Page has been a prominent figure among LGBTQ+ fans for quite some time now…

And for a long time he was a defender of society.

But on December 1, 2020, he further enriched his legacy.

Elliot declared himself transgender in a statement posted online.

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In a deeply personal essay, they began: “Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am transgender, my pronouns are he/they, and my name is Elliot. I’m lucky to be writing this. Be here.”

“I am so grateful to the incredible people who have supported me on this journey.”

“I can’t put into words how wonderful it is to finally love yourself enough to follow your true self.

“I am endlessly inspired by many members of the trans community. Thank you for your courage, your generosity and tireless work to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place. I will offer any support I can and continue to strive for a more loving and equal society,” he wrote.

“I love that I’m trans. And I love that I’m queer. And the more I cling to myself and fully accept myself for who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows, and the more I prosper. To all transgender people who face harassment, self-hatred, abuse and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you and will do everything in my power to change this world for the better.”

He then asked for “patience” while he navigates his new identity.

“My joy is real, but at the same time fragile,” he wrote. “The truth is that even though I feel deeply happy right now and know how many privileges I have, I’m still scared.”

“I am afraid of aggressiveness, hatred, “jokes” and violence. To be clear, I’m not trying to downplay the joyous moment I’m celebrating, but I want to look at the big picture.”

Of course, the fans immediately started praising Paige and offering their support…

And it’s clear that Page’s decision to become transgender resonated with so many people.

Then the actor kept aloof for several months …

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Although the news that he is filing for divorce from his wife, Emma Portner, hit the headlines of the world media.

In March 2021, Page gave his first interview since coming out.

Per Time Page magazine talked about his childhood and the fact that he became a transgender.

“What I expected was a lot of support and love and a lot of hate and transphobia. In fact, this is what happened. I felt like a boy. I wanted to be a boy. I would ask my mother if I could ever become one.”

The actor then spoke about making the big decision to undergo surgery.

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He emphasized that being transgender is not only an operation, but explained that it “completely changed my life.”

“We know who we are. People cling to these solid ideas [about gender] because it makes people feel safe. But if we could just celebrate all the wonderful complexities of people, the world would be a much better place,” Page said. “It’s a challenging journey and an ongoing process.

Page also gave a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on Apple TV.

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Page discussed the upcoming interview and the challenges he faced after coming out as transgender. Vanity Fair.

Page first noted the differences he felt after he publicly stated that he was transgender.

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The actor noted that they are now more comfortable inside themselves, and commented that “the most significant difference is that I can really just exist.”

They also commented that they now feel “real”.

As the interview continued, Page talked about his work and how things have changed.

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They noted that as they feel more comfortable, their acting work may be affected; while noting that he wasn’t sure exactly how their work would differ in the future.

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“Transphobia in our society shuts out so many people. Think of all the people who don’t have a chance to prosper, who don’t have a chance for a future, who don’t have a chance to share their magic with us.”

The actor went on to acknowledge that his experience is unique, but also revealed how they felt about their personalities in the past.

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“When I was a little kid, absolutely, 100%, I was a boy. I knew that I was a boy when I was a toddler. I wrote fake love letters and signed “Jason”. Every little aspect of my life is who I was, who I am and who I knew myself to be,” he explained.

“I just couldn’t understand when they told me: “No, you are not like that. No, you can’t be like this when you’re older. Do you feel that. Now I’m finally getting back to feeling the way I am and it’s so beautiful and different and there’s a kind of sadness to it.”

Although Page’s journey has been long and arduous…

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It seems that the actor eventually where they always wanted to be.

And recently, Page spoke about feeling better than ever at this point in his life, and that wearing the suit to the Oscars was a “joyful moment.”

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And people are very happy to hear it…

Page opens up about wearing a costume to the Oscars while talking to Trans Week.

According to UNILADPage called it “really special”.

“More specifically, last night he was wearing a suit. [at the Academy Awards]”, he said, according to the publication.

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“All these things are really special, wonderful, joyful moments when you look at a photo and it’s really great to see yourself for the first time – or a person that you have already seen, but here they are, like, they fucking ****g appear” .

Page went on to say that he feels “better than ever.”

“I know the hardships I went through and I know how difficult it was for me,” he said, adding that he feels “something I really never thought was possible.”

“The sheer amount of privilege, the sheer amount of resources that I had absolutely, unconditionally saved my life, from therapy to surgery and so much in between.”

“It’s only now that I can feel a presence, just that I can feel present in space without this ongoing underlying anxiety or some sort of feeling that I need to run.”

And now Paige talked about the joy of seeing himself after the transition…

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Paige said: “I can’t overstate the greatest joy that is actually seeing yourself. I know I look different to others, but to myself I’m just starting to look like myself.”

“It’s indescribable because I’m just like that, here I am. And thank God. Here I am.

“For me, euphoria is just the act of waking up, making coffee, gardening with a book, and being able to read,” he continued.

“I know it may seem strange, but I can’t stress enough the degree of discomfort and struggle I experienced that got in the way of everything. How could it not be?

“I love that I’m trans. And I love that I’m queer. And the more I cling to myself and fully accept myself for who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows, and the more I prosper. To all transgender people who face harassment, self-hatred, abuse and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you and I will do everything in my power to change this world for the better, ”he concluded. .

But, unfortunately, even taking into account the flood, Page received support …

It also received an “unsuccessful” negative.

And so he turned to him.

The star did it Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Speaking to Meyers, the actor said that while there was a lot of negativity, he is instead trying to focus on how his life has improved.

“I feel like it’s one of those things where it’s so unfortunate because we’re all on the same team here, you know? Are you transgender, gender non-conforming, cisgender,” he said. said.

“We all have these expectations and these kind of limits and limitations due to people’s obsession with binary and how we should all live,” he continued.

“What I want to focus on right now, and that was so extraordinary, is the degree of joy I feel, the degree of presence I feel,” he explained on the show.

And who wouldn’t want to focus on that, right?

“I feel things that I never thought possible,” Page said.

“It has dramatically improved my life. And I hope, you know, I hope that maybe people who have issues with me can try to hear it or accept it on some level,” he finished.

Many people shared their opinion on the decision on Twitter…

Some people said that umbrella academy even taking into account his transition.

“They’re doing a real storyline about Elliot Page’s transition to umbrella academy season premiere – instead of just ignoring it, making it a timeline glitch, etc.” – one person. said excitedly.

Another person pointed out that umbrella academy edited the credits for the first season…

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“I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but they returned in the first season umbrella academy and updated the credits to say “Paige Elliot”!! They wrote.

It seems though Page has experienced quite a bit of negativity…

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There are people ready to support him – and they should!

Everyone should be able to express themselves the way they want.

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