Elton John posted a sweet message in support of Lil Nas X for MTV VMAs.

LGBTQ + icon John Elton offers some great words of encouragement for Lil Nas X as he has had a great night at MTV VMAs.

Lil Nass X and Elton John Ober eat.

For the first time in two years, Lill Nas X. It will be performed at the upcoming MTV VMA event on September 12. Later, it was confirmed that the artist will be performing his latest song “Industry Baby” with a prominent artist. Jack Harlow. Although he is expected to give a great performance, the singer. Elton John Couldn’t help but wish luck on the “Old Town Road” singer’s performance.

The “Circle of Life” artist posted a. Image Of the two in unforgettable attire, and made sure to give as many words of encouragement as he could. After uploading the image. Her Instagram“Keep going, keep pushing the boundaries and show your true colors and you will always be the winner for me illilnasx,” he said in the caption.

This photo was taken as part of a partnership between two musicians with Uber Eats. John’s husband also posted. Photo with Lil Nas X. In her winged dress, with the caption, “Why am I always attracted to the same type of boy … ??” The original photo shoot shows Lil Nass X dressed like John in the 1970s, while John dressed like Lil Nass X from “Old Town Road”.

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The two artists have maintained a strong friendship for many years. John recently collaborated with Lil Nas X for his upcoming album. Lockdown session.. The album will be released on October 22, 2021.

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Lil Nass X has always been a great actor, but he has recently taken his performances to a whole new level. One of his most recent performances at the BET Awards was “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”. The singer performed with great intensity, and ended her performance by kissing a male dancer for about five seconds.

The “Panini” artist is ready for six awards tonight, five of which are for “Montero (call me by your name)”. However, “Industry Baby” has also been nominated for the MTV Video Music Award for Song of Summer. The song will be against fifteen other top hits.

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The MTV Video Music Awards will air on MTV on September 12. The show will also feature performances by artists such as Normani, Olivia Rodrigo., And Machine Gun Kelly.. According to the publication, there is no word on whether he will present an award or not. Unfortunately, voting for the Lil Nas X nominated categories is now closed.

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Lil Nas X.
How Lil Nass X spent $ 50 and became a superstar.

Even though it only cost $ 50, Lil Nas X was still able to make the most of his situation and was composing a song that people still talk about.

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