Emily Andre was defended by angry fans who branded Katie Price “shame” after her shock attack.

PETER’s wife André, Emily, was defended by angry fans who branded Katie Price “shame” after being shocked.

In a shocking tirade, a 43-year-old man claimed that Emily, who had been with Pete for ten years, stopped Katie’s 14-year-old daughter, a princess, from visiting her at rehab and called NHS doctor Emily a “disgusting person.”


Peter’s wife André Emily gets support after Katy Price’s shocking tirade
The former glamor model called NHS doctor Emily


The former glamor model called NHS doctor Emily “a disgusting person.”

However, Emily was inundated with fan support for criticizing the former glamor model’s remarks.

One fan wrote, “I think @KatiePrice is more jealous of Emily, Emily has more class in her pinky finger than Katie in her entire body.”

Another wrote: “I love Emily Andre, a much cooler woman who knows how to keep the right things a secret. Looks like Katie Price is jealous of me. “

“I’m trying to tarnish the beautiful and stylish Emily. Behave yourself. It’s a shame, “another angry person tweeted.

The fourth subscriber was outraged: “Emily is beautiful, kind and serene, she gave the children stability. Her kids are kept away from social media, but what’s the point of hiding Princess and Junior when you host your kids on whatever platform you can. You just showed yourself one more time. “

“Maybe too jealous, but still a shame,” added another.

In an already deleted post, she wrote, “My mouth has been shut for so long, but I’m sick of people selling stories about me, especially this so-called @dr_emily_official woman.

“I always said I didn’t want to be famous, but it’s not so bad to stay away from the media and television, and now I’m trying to make a career out of it.

“So cringe, she used my kids to make money from photo shoots, but she covers her children’s faces!”

Former glamor model Katie has filed a string of charges against Emily, writing, “She claims to be a doctor who clearly has no idea about mental health.

“Oh, and forbade my daughter to visit me in Priory when she wanted to see her mother. She is so jealous of my relationship with the princess and humiliates me.

“Emily, you are not the parent of my children and you never will be, so stay out of your business, you are so two-faced and definitely not the person you portray in front of the public.”

However, the source dismissed her statements about the 32-year-old girl as “not just cruel, but completely untrue.”

They also suggested that Katie’s jealousy fueled the rantings that came up the day before Emily’s appearance on Free Women, Katie’s old show.

Mom of five, Katie, captioned her outburst with the words, “I think you’re a disgusting person, so stop trying to interfere with my life.”

Pricey has been on the ITV show’s panel for two years, but hasn’t appeared since announcing her engagement to Chris Boyson in 2019.

Emily’s book is already the # 1 bestseller on Amazon, topping the charts in a number of children’s categories and ranking hundreds of spots above Katy’s most recent release, Harvey and Me.

The source said, “Seeing your ex’s new wife appear on your old show may be painful, but it’s just jealousy – and it shouldn’t be an excuse for such a nefarious attack.”

Pete and Emily were married in July 2015 and have children, Theo and Amelia.

He and Katie have a son, Junior, 16, and a 14-year-old daughter, Princess. They got married in 2005 after meeting on the TV series I’m a Celebrity, but divorced in 2009.

Peter married Emily the medic in 2015.


Peter married Emily the medic in 2015.
Katie Price says people “shouldn’t blame her” for a drunk accident, but admits she’s “ashamed”

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