Emily Attack shared a cryptic post about “filling the void” after leaving Jack Grealish drama behind

EMILY Attack shared a cryptic post about “filling the void” after leaving the Jack Grealish drama behind.

We learned last month that the 31-year-old star enjoyed secret dates with the 26-year-old while he and his girlfriend Sasha Attwood were on hiatus.


Emily Attack shares cryptic post on ‘filling the void’ after Jack Grealish drama
The comedian posted a quote on how to learn to love yourself


The comedian posted a quote on how to learn to love yourself

He ended up inviting Emily for Sasha after negotiating a showdown when he was given an ultimatum.

Jack is alleged to have played down his friendship with the stunning Emily, despite their romantic evenings with Sasha, “shocked” by the revelation.

But for Emily, it’s all onward and upward, who seems to be looking at the bright side.

Last night, on her Instagram story, she shared a quote that read: “I’ve never been addicted to one thing, I’ve been addicted to filling the void within myself with other things besides my own love.”

Kristen Bell Tattoos revealed how Jack and Emily teamed up at her home and hotel in Manchester during their string of dates.

It was believed that he kept in touch with her – and even WhatsApped with her while serving in England.

A source close to Jack said, “By all accounts, Emily is really in pain and she feels incredibly hurt from the whole meeting.

“She kept silent with dignity about their affair, but now Jack, who was convinced that he was single, returned to Sasha.

“One minute he was drugged, the next he came back with Sasha and acted as if Emily meant nothing.

“When their romance became known, it quickly became apparent that people were suffering and that things could get very confusing.

Emily did not want a massive drama and made an executive decision to quietly leave and unsubscribe from him in true millennial style.

“She’s an assertive, independent woman and doesn’t want to be secondary.

“Maybe they’ll be friends again when the dust settles? But certainly not in the foreseeable future. “

But Celebrity Juice’s captain won’t wait forever, spotted last week at The Hawley Arms in Camden with her sister Martha and friends, including Liverpool singer Zach Nimmo.

The I’m A Celebrity star kept a low profile for a relaxed night out, wearing a large gray jumper with a black blazer and her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail.

She hugged Zach, who starred in the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts, outside the pub as the group said goodbye.

The Inbetweeners star and Jack were introduced by one of the Manchester City footballer’s teammates.

After exchanging direct messages on Instagram, they exchanged numbers.

They later met at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester before one of Emily’s stand-up concerts and then at her home in North London.

Jack, the first £ 100million Premier League player, first met 25-year-old model Sasha at school.

It was also revealed that Jack’s confused love life became even more complicated when he was involved with Amber from Love Island.

It was reported that


It was reported that “Emily was really hurt” by the whole situation
Emily briefly dated footballer Jack Grealish


Emily briefly dated footballer Jack Grealish
Emily Attack partying with friends and family in the pub – Instagram, emilyatack

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