Emily Carey Explains Her Extraordinarily Long ‘House of the Dragon’ Audition Process

AT press conference for “House of the Dragon” Covered by Stream Wars, Emily Carey and Millie Alcock shared their listening experience. “Mine was excruciatingly long… I made a record and then the record was really weird.” While on most audition tapes the actors simply say their name, Carey was asked to zoom in on her eyes, nose, and profile. This was most likely because the casting directors were trying to ensure that the actor playing the younger Alicent would be “as close as possible” to Olivia Cooke, or at least look like she would one day grow up to be like the older one. Queen.

“It was very strange,” Carey continued. “I thought, ‘They’re looking for something really specific, I’m not going to hear anything back.’ And then two months passed before I was recalled.”

Carey then received another call to meet with the other cast and crew, and he booked the role the same day. Then, according to Carey, she was quickly thrown into the thick of things. In the meantime, Millie Alcock just had to send in a couple of tapes before she was cast as the young Rainier, although this may have been due to the fact that she was living in Australia at the time. Needless to say, returning for a personal call after a personal call becomes… well, downright impossible when it comes to a 22-hour flight.

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