Eminem’s 26-year-old daughter Hayley Jade Mathers showed a large cleavage in a Calvin Klein sports bra in a new photo

EMINEM’s daughter, Hayley Jade Mathers, kicks off the first week of the new year by showing off her form.

The 26-year-old shared a selfie on her Instagram feed in a revealing Calvin Klein sports bra and short pants.


Hailey welcomed the new year by showing her curvesCredit: Instagram / Hayley Jade Mathers.
She also recently debuted a darker hairstyle.


She also recently debuted a darker hairstyle.Credit: Social Media – See Source.

She captioned the photo: “Hello, first Monday of the new year. I’m not ready for you. “

The rap icon’s daughter had a towel wrapped around her head, but a small lock of brown hair protruded forward, suggesting that she probably retained the dark hair she showed in November.

Hailey first debuted her darker look in a TikTok video that began with a montage of photos of her blond teenage.

She signed TEC So video: “For me it is shining eyes and no hair bleach.”

The music video began with dozens of photos of Haley swinging her blonde hair, with text on screen quoting Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X’s Industry Baby song.

The song says, “Say the time is coming soon, but like the Oklahoma mine, it is coming soon.”

“I just bloomed late.”

She then appeared on screen with her new dark hair, which she waved with her hand as the song ended: “I didn’t peak in high school. I’m still here, getting nicer. “


Last month, fans of the 49-year-old rapper wondered if his daughter was pregnant when she confessed she had “baby fever.”

The speculation began when Hayley tweeted that she had “baby fever” along with a hot sweaty emoji.

Immediately, fans went berserk thinking the influencer was pregnant and one of them asked, “EM GONNA BE A GRANDMARSHALL ??”

“Wow, wow, what are you trying to say,” asked another with a small smiley.

The famous girl fanned the rumors even further when she responded to a tweet and said of her father, “He really talks a lot about grandchildren!”

However, Hailey soon clarified all assumptions about children and set a record.

When another person asked, “So when are we going to wait” I’m pregnant! “. tweet? “

She set the record by answering, “In about 2-3 years, lol.”

Another exclaimed, “HAYLEY JADE SECOND ??????????”

To which the blonde beauty replied: “not yet.”


An inside source said of her high school days: “She had a normal life at university, she was in the female company – she was popular and she studied hard.”

The social media star studied psychology and her boyfriend is an economist.

Hayley has been dating Michigan State University college sweetheart Evan McClintock since 2016.

Evan currently works as an executive at an investigation management company in his home state of Michigan.

Hailey’s famous family seem to be big fans of her boyfriend, according to a source. Daily mail in 2018, Eminem “very approved” Evan.

The issue reads, “The Hayley family welcomed Evan – they are a fantastic young couple who love cozy nights, not hard parties.”

Eminem shares Haley with Kimberly’s ex-wife Anne Scott, whom he was briefly married to in 2006.

The 25-year-old has become the inspiration for several of the rapper’s tracks, including the candid song Hailie’s Song.

Hailey poses in a bikini on vacation in Hawaii


Hailey poses in a bikini on vacation in Hawaii
Hayley is Eminem's biological daughter


Hayley is Eminem’s biological daughterCredit: EminemMusic / YouTube.
She has also been the inspiration for several of the rapper's songs.


She has also been the inspiration for several of the rapper’s songs.Credit: Getty
Eminem’s daughter Hayley Jade Mathers, 25, looks unrecognizable in teen photos in new TikTok video

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