Emma Roberts’ life after the birth of her son is revealed

It’s hard to believe that Emma Roberts is a mom! It seems like just yesterday she was a teenager in Aquamarine and Nancy Drew… The 30-year-old is now cutting back on her acting duties to focus on being a mom.

She wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret, but her mother ruined it. In August 2020, Emma Roberts announced that she was pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. after her mother wrote about her pregnancy on Instagram… However, she revealed the gender on Jimmy Kimmel Live! A few months later, in December, they had a son and they named him Rhodes Robert Hedlund. He just celebrated his first birthday with a fun party.

Emma Roberts has shared a few photos of her son on Instagram with his face covered up for privacy, but it looks like she’s definitely enjoying motherhood! This is what the life of Emma Roberts looks like after the birth of her son.

It’s unclear when exactly he was born, as the media suspect, sometime in December 2020, but Emma Roberts made her Instagram debut with her new son in January 2021 and announced his name. “Thank you 2020 for doing something right. Our bright light Rhodes Robert Hedlund, ”she captioned the photo.

The source said ET that couple receiving help from their family amid corona virus pandemic… “They have internal help that teaches and helps them as they adjust, but they are very strict about quarantining and receiving visitors and guests.”


eight Emma Roberts as Fred Jewelry Ambassador

At the end of January, Emma Roberts became the Fred Jewelry Ambassador for Fred’s Beauty Collection. She also starred in a video series called Your Way, Your Love. The Heart collection arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. It is fitting that she appears in the Pretty Woman collection, as her aunt Julia Roberts was the main star of the film of the same name.

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7 She turned 30

30 and flirty and thriving! On February 10, Roberts celebrated her 30th birthday. It was her first birthday as a mom. She posted one photo with a pacifier in her mouth and captioned it: “30 baby.” At the end of the day, she posted a photo of herself sitting by the pool with balloons and thanked everyone for their birthday wishes. It seemed like a low-key birthday due to the pandemic and having a baby.

6 Emma Roberts celebrated the baptism of her godson

Emma Roberts’ godson, Smith, was baptized on April 17, 2021. Smith is the son of stylist Roberts Brit Elkin Hines. The two have been friends for a while and appear to be close enough to make Roberts the godmother of her child. She was posted on all social networks and featured in many posts. Rhodes was scheduled to meet with Smith earlier this year.

5 Mom’s responsibilities

In the midst of everything, Emma Roberts is busy being a mom. Judging by the adorable photos she posts on social media, Roberts and Rhodes are reading together, walking together, hugging, meeting another little friend, and taking care of children’s chores. In May of this year, Roberts celebrated her first Mother’s Day, as well as many other important events.

4 Acting roles of Emma Roberts after child

Although she gave up acting for a while due to the pandemic and becoming a mother, Roberts did appear in some films and TV shows. She appeared as a guest judge on the episode Drag Race All Stars RuPaul and took off the upcoming film is called About fate, where she plays a character named Margot. Her last release was a 2020 Christmas movie, Holidatewhere she played the main character Sloane Benson.

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3 She was busy reading

Emma Roberts became a partner Belletrist, online book club which she and her friend Kara Preiss founded. Roberts not only publishes a lot about the books he reads, but also tries to encourage his followers to pick up the book and read. Belletrist, now in its fifth year, selects a monthly book for its subscribers and gives them access to live audio conversations, behind-the-scenes content and exclusive videos.

2 Emma Roberts attended Paris Hilton’s wedding

Paris Hilton married Carter Reum in November 2021 and Emma Roberts attended the ceremony. She came to the mansion in a black tulle dress and a jacket over the shoulders. However, instead of going with your boyfriend, Scream queens the actress appeared hand in hand with her friend Cade Hudson, a former manager Britney Spears, which sparked a lot of rumors of a breakup.

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one Rhodes first birthday party

Christmas weekend Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund celebrated their son’s first birthday with a rodeo party. She made two cakes for the occasion– the first, shaped like a number one, adorned with cowboy ornaments, and the second had his name, Rhodes, on the side of a blue glaze that ended up on Roberts’ hair and shirt.

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