Emma Stone refused to watch one of her best films.

Emma Stone has come a very long way. Before her fame, she, like everyone else, had to work hard to get there, starting with reality shows like the D-list.

Slowly but surely she climbed the stairs and became a huge star. Her breakthrough could be called “super-bad”, however when it came to leadership, “Crazy, stupid love Next to Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling was her real project.

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While the movie was a fan favorite, offscreen it was a different story. Emma Stone struggled in different ways, not only putting pressure on herself considering she was only 20 years old, but the actress also had a hard time during a certain scene from Dirty Dancing.

We’ll look back at everything that happened behind the scenes.

Emma Stone was in love with the script for ‘Crazy Silly Love’

For Emma Stone, the feeling of intense pressure had a lot to do with the fact that she was absolutely obsessed with the script and adored it. So she didn’t want to ruin everything, especially given the fact that she was dawned on the main role among the stellar cast.

It should be noted that at that time, Emma Stone was just over 20 years old, and she did not have the experience that she has today.

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As well as ColliderStone also admitted that she has a lot in common with Hannah’s personality, whom she portrayed in the film.

“I think she’s crazy when she’s got a couple of drinks in her. So she’s. And she, I think, she reacts to … Maybe she doesn’t know that she’s not necessarily completely happy in her life as long as someone kind of shakes it out a little. It happened to me. “

Despite the love of the script and the comparison to the character, Stone still found it extremely difficult to revisit the project, despite fans enjoying the film.

Emma Stone refused to watch the movie given all the pressure she felt as a host

Speaking with Timothy Chalamet for DiversityStone admitted that the pressure was enormous during this film. She just turned 20 and Stone kept thinking about the project without failing.considering this was her first starring role.

“I really fell in love with this script, but I put so much pressure on myself,” Stone said to Chalamet. “I was 20, and while we were filming it, I just went crazy and thought that all this could fail. It felt like it had to be well calibrated in everything, and this was the first time I ever had to rely on myself to carry it all. “

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Stone is currently looking at her work calmly, although in truth, she should have watched the movie from the beginning, as it was a huge success, receiving an approval rating of around 80%. Rotten tomatoes, together with 7.4 by IMDBwhich is great for romcom.

Fans can keep watching the movie these days as it is now on a long list. Netflix movies.

Emma Stone Has Another Crisis During Dirty Dancing Scene With Ryan Gosling

That’s right, the breakdowns didn’t end there, and in truth, Emma Stone went through another difficult moment while filming the film. This could have led to a breakdown off-screen, as Stone wasn’t sure she could get through the stage.

it was the main part of the film, so we are grateful that it happened, however, given Stone’s fear of heightsshe wasn’t so excited about it all.

The actress recalls that she was in a state of complete panic: “When we Crazy, stupid, loveI know what we’re going to do Dirty dancing lift up. However, I don’t know if I have an internal phobia when I am lifted over my head at a height of about 6 feet, ”she said.

His co-star Ryan Gosling also teased Stone during their collaborative work on The Graham Norton Show: “I never had this, but I suppose if a possum fell from a tree and tried to scratch your eyes, it would be like something like that, ”he joked.

“That was a lot,” Stone said. “And then there was a crash. I mean, I had a real breakdown … I had to go to bed. “

In the end, it all worked for those involved in the film, as the film was a huge success and accelerated Stone’s career even further, proving that she was doing a great lead role even at the age of 20.

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